Can a beginner learn electric guitar?

Can a beginner learn electric guitar?

Electric guitars have thinner strings and therefore are a great choice for beginners because they require less hand strength. Players with small hands might also prefer an electric for its slimmer neck, which warrants an easier grip and shorter reach.

Can I learn electric guitar without learning acoustic?

Yes, you absolutely can. As a matter of fact, usually an electric guitar will be easier to play than an acoustic (assuming that the electric has a decent set up).

Is RockSmith good for learning guitar?

While Rocksmith does a pretty decent job teaching you to play songs, it really doesn’t make you a well-rounded musician. It doesn’t help you understand the fundamentals of guitar that allow you to apply it to your own music. As such, you’re limited to songs and techniques that are available in the game.

What is the best electric guitar for a beginner?

The Les Paul is arguably the best all-round beginner electric guitar. Its thick body is ideal for blues, jazz, and other sustain-heavy styles of music, while the humbucker pickups also make it suitable for rock and heavy metal.

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What songs are best for learning electric guitar?


  • Smells Like Teen Spirit.
  • Day Tripper.
  • Dirty Deeds (Done Dirt Cheap) This AC/DC song from the 1976 album of the same name uses power chords exclusively — if you are comfortable switching from chord to chord
  • Walk This Way.
  • Satisfaction.
  • Wild Thing.
  • Sunshine of Your Love.
  • Smoke on the Water.
  • What are the best electric guitar solos for beginners?

    Van Halen – Ain’t Talkin Bout Love.

  • RHCP – Californication.
  • Metallica – Nothing Else Matters.
  • Green Day – Holiday.
  • Nirvana – Smells like Teen Spirit.
  • The White Stripes – 7 Nation Army.
  • Red Hot Chilli Peppers – Can’t stop.
  • Eric Clapton – Wonderful Tonight.
  • Slash – Godfather Theme.
  • Elvis Presley – Heartbreak Hotel.
  • What are some good beginner guitar songs?

    Foster the People: “Pumped Up Kicks”

  • Oasis: “Wonderwall”
  • The Bobby Fuller Four: “I Fought the Law”
  • Carrie Underwood: “Blown Away”
  • Lukas Graham: “7 Years”
  • Brad Paisley: “He Didn’t Have to Be”
  • The Rolling Stones: “Honky Tonk Women”
  • Jimi Hendrix: “Purple Haze”
  • Joni Mitchell: “Big Yellow Taxi”
  • Buddy Holly: “Not Fade Away”
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