Are Ford Ranger trucks good?

Are Ford Ranger trucks good?

Yes, the Ford Ranger is a good truck. It has a powerful engine, handles well, and gets good gas mileage. The Ranger is a solid off-roader, and its towing and hauling capacities are good for the class. Inside, the seats are comfortable, and SuperCrew models have more rear-seat space than many competitors.

What year Ford Ranger is most reliable?

The 2003, 2007, 2009, and 2011 models are some of the most highly regarded trucks out there, and you likely can spot one if you look out your window right now. Keep in mind that any vehicle year can be the year to buy if it’s been well maintained and has a history free of accidents.

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Is Used Ford Ranger reliable?

Since it was first released, there have been nine official recalls. Consumers Reports gives the 2001 Ford Ranger a one out of five for owner satisfaction and three out of five for reliability.

Are Chevy s10 and GMC Sonoma the same thing?

The Chevrolet S-10 is a compact pickup truck that was produced by Chevrolet. When it was first introduced as a “quarter-ton pickup” in 1981 for the 1982 model year, the GMC version was known as the S-15 and later renamed the GMC Sonoma. A high-performance version was released in 1991 and given the name of GMC Syclone.

Which Ford Ranger is the best?

Ranking The 10 Best Ford Rangers Ever Made

  • 8 2003 Ford Ranger Pickup 4WD.
  • 7 2010 Ford Ranger.
  • 6 2001 Ford Ranger.
  • 5 2008 Ford Ranger.
  • 4 1994 Ford Ranger Pickup 2WD.
  • 3 2011 Ford Ranger.
  • 2 1999 Ford Ranger.
  • 1 Ford Ranger WildTrak.

Do Ford Rangers have transmission problems?

They’re often easy to notice. 2020 Ford Ranger transmission problems could include shifting delays, grinding when accelerating, the car shaking at any speed, or whistling noises or a burning smell coming from beneath the hood.

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What engine is in the S10 Xtreme?

Used 2002 Chevrolet S-10 LS Xtreme Specs & Features

Base engine size 4.3 l
Horsepower 190 hp @ 4400 rpm
Turning circle 41.3 ft.
Valves 12

Is S10 a good truck?

From my experience p, they are very reliable, and good on gas for a “big” motor. My truck has a 19 gallon fuel tank and I get about 230 miles before I get to E from driving city and highway. Also, if you have a really good battery for the winter, it will start your v6 with no problem.