Are Dutch people Indonesian?

Are Dutch people Indonesian?

Other terms used at various times are ‘Dutch Indonesians’, ‘Eurasians’, ‘Indo-Europeans’, ‘Indo-Dutch’ and ‘Dutch-Indos’….Indo people.

Indische Nederlanders Orang Indo
Regions with significant populations
Netherlands c. 1,500,000 (ancestry)
Indonesia 900,000 (ancestry)

How many Dutch people are of Indonesian descent?

The Dutch population counts approximately 16,5 million people. Roughly 1 million are from Indonesian descent. Most of them Indo-Europeans and Moluccans who have lived in the Netherlands for generations. But surprisingly not everybody knows how they got there.

What did the Dutch do for Indonesia?

From 1910, the Dutch created the most centralised state power in Southeast Asia. Politically, the highly centralised power structure, including the exorbitant powers of exile and censorship, established by the Dutch administration was carried over into the new Indonesian republic.

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Are Dutch people mixed?

It is also not as though all Dutch people look like twins. Historically, Nederlanders were intermixed often with many ethnic groups. According to DNA testing companies, Dutch DNA is considered mainly Germanic French, which seems a broader stroke of DNA than some common and visible Dutch characteristics that I see.

Why is Indonesian similar to Dutch?

The former colonial power, the Netherlands, left an extensive vocabulary. These Dutch loanwords, and also from other non Italo-Iberian, European languages loanwords which came via Dutch, cover all aspects of life. It is estimated that 10,000 words in the Indonesian language can be traced to the Dutch language.

Why do some Indonesian people not want to speak Dutch?

Several Indonesian people during colonization don’t want to obey Dutch people. They want to be independent as a country. They try to fight and strive for Independence of Indonesia. One of the effort that they did was speaking using Indonesian language. They don’t want to be colonized by speaking using Dutch language.

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How did the Dutch contribute to the development of Agriculture in Indonesia?

Through the cultuur stelsel, Indonesian became good in getting the knowledge of agriculture. As you know that Dutch is a country with the great technology in farming and agriculture. Automotacally, they delivered their skill in agriculture toward Indonesian.

Why is the Indonesian language so open to Anglicisation?

They were able to shake off Dutch colonialism thanks to their nationalism, but they have never had to fight for their language. The Netherlands did not impose Dutch in its colonies, so there was never any question of language nationalism there. And that is exactly why Indonesian is so open to anglicisation now.

How big is the Netherlands compared to Indonesia?

Netherlands is so small. But, Indonesian need more than 300 years to fight on and to be as independent country. The size of Netherlands is just combination of West Java and Central Java. But how can they trade and colonize all the major islands in Indonesia?

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