Why do you want to join Accenture?

Why do you want to join Accenture?

The reason I want to work for your organization is because, I highly admire the services you provide to your clients and the very reason that attracts me to be a part of this company is that, working here, I would be catering the best of my services to the clients as I would be working with the experts and have been …

What is Accenture pre onboard learning program?

Under the program, the learning modules hosted on a technology platform will prepare you to be code ready. Before onboarding/joining Accenture, you will need to go through the first attempt of Technology Fundamentals assessment based on the Pre-Onboarding Online Learning Program that was provided to you.

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What are the employee benefits at Accenture?

Accenture offers additional benefits and programs including free annual flu shots, a legal services plan, personal excess liability insurance, identity theft insurance, pet insurance, gym membership discounts, and an online mall providing discounts on various retail offerings.

Why did Accenture go public?

Accenture is willing to forego the billions that might otherwise have been raised had the entire company gone public. Realistically, Accenture needed to create the stock currency for acquisitions and deals—partners were tired of digging in their own pockets to put up money for new initiatives.

Do Accenture terminate if a candidate fails in training?

Accenture gives you chance (Rt1, RT2) to clear the training exam (GFT) but if still a person fails to clear RT1 or RT2 then yes the employee is terminated in training period. Originally Answered: Do Accenture terminate if a candidate fails in training?

What happens if I fail the GFT exam in Accenture?

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You will be TERMINATED. It is really really important to clear your GFT (Green Field Training) Exams to make your job secure as fresher. There is no flexibility whether you fail your exam by one mark or half mark , you will be out of Accenture for not clearing GFT. You will get three attempts.

What is the average percentage required to get into Accenture?

To Accenture, you are a droplet in an ocean. In my batch, there were many students in the (60 score range) but if you don’t get that 65 percentage (RT) or 60 percentage in your first attempt you will be terminated. 10. For non cs/it students like myself, please remember to start reading from day 1 of your training, don’t take things for granted.

What are the different domain training courses?

DOMAIN TRAINING Overview 1 Investment Banking Domain Certification Course. 2 Payments Domain Certification Course. 3 US HealthCare Domain Certification Course. 4 Insurance Domain Certification Course.

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