Why did Hermione hug Harry in the Goblet of Fire?

Why did Hermione hug Harry in the Goblet of Fire?

A hug is just a sign of affection for others. Hermione and Harry are great friends and she was scared and worried about him. The TWT is dangerous, after all, and Hermione was always very adamant that the tournament shouldn’t have been resurrected. She wanted Harry to be safe.

Why does Harry never fall in love with Hermione?

When Hermione accuses him of missing Ron, Harry denies it, but admits to himself that while he “… liked Hermione very much, she just wasn’t the same as Ron. Harry does not find his best female friend to be a source for much comedy, and in the end, he never entertains romantic feelings for her.

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Why did Hermione hug Harry but not Ron in the Chamber of Secrets?

Harry was just a friend, so Hermione hugged him in a friendly way. Ron was the future love-interest, and Hermione (now 13 years old) suddenly found herself shy of him. It is said that Emma Watson, who was then only 11, didn’t understand this at all.

How old would Hermione Granger be in 2004?

The plot – which has been developed into a web series – starts in 2004 when Hermione is 25 years-old and realises she doesn’t want to marry Ron and work for the British Ministry of Magic.

Why did they change the hug between Harry and Hermione?

Although the script originally said Hermione should hug both, it was changed to Hermione only hugging Harry because Emma Watson was embarrassed about hugging two boys in front of everybody. Watson also said that she kept letting go of Daniel Radcliffe too quickly when shooting the scene.

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Did Harry and Hermione kiss in the book?

The scene depicts Harry offering Hermione a dance to cheer her up, after which the two share a beautiful hug. Though the scene never occurred in the book, for us unsuspecting fans watching the movie, this was indicative of the romantic relationship the two could have developed.

What was the relationship between Ron and Hermione like?

The friendship between Ron and Hermione has been consistently rocky throughout the 7 books, with the two constantly arguing and Hermione frequently getting annoyed and irritated by Ron’s behavior. This is not to say they were not close, but things are so much simpler and more pleasant between Harry and Hermione.

Are Harry and Hermione from Harry Potter still together?

Harry and Hermione have gone through so much together and yet remained strongly devoted to each other, and for some fans, it’s very surprising things didn’t end up differently between them. Magdan Daniel Cvitesic is an avid reader, digital marketing professional, and a complete car nut based in Zagreb, Croatia.

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