Who voiced the Knight Rider car?

Who voiced the Knight Rider car?

William Daniels
Knight Industries Two Thousand (KITT)

Knight Industries Two Thousand
First appearance Knight of the Phoenix (Pt. 1)
Created by Glen A. Larson
Portrayed by 1982 Pontiac Trans Am
Voiced by William Daniels

Who was the original Knight Rider?

Knight Rider (1982 TV series)

Knight Rider
Starring David Hasselhoff Edward Mulhare Patricia McPherson Rebecca Holden Peter Parros
Voices of William Daniels
Narrated by Richard Basehart
Theme music composer Stu Phillips Glen A. Larson

Was Val Kilmer a KITT?

Val Kilmer has been cast as the voice of KITT, the car in NBC’s Knight Rider revival, which airs Feb. 17. The actor replaces Will Arnett, who had actually filmed all his parts as the car’s voice, but then had to pull out due to contractual reasons.

Who owns the original KITT car?

David Hasselhoff
Actor, recording artist, and America’s Got Talent judge David Hasselhoff has put his personal K.I.T.T., the car from the 1980s TV show Knight Rider, up for auction. In the series, the car could drive itself, talked, and was outfitted with weapons and a special turbo-boost feature that made it jump.

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Where is KITT the car from Knight Rider?

Apparently, five KITT cars survived the show, even after being sent to various museums and theme parks. One was at Universal Studios for a long time, and another was at the NBC theme park. According to a website called KittStillRocks, they own two of the surviving five-screen used “Knight Rider” Trans Ams.

What is David Hasselhoff’s net worth?

This success combined with his royalties and his other ventures have placed Hasselhoff’s fortune at more than $100 million.

How much is the Knight Rider car worth?

David Hasselhoff’s Personal KITT Car From Knight Rider Is Worth $1 Million. Buy it and the Hoff will even personally deliver it to you. Famous TV and movie cars that cross the auction block often fetch big bucks.

How much did K.I.T.T. sell for?

The auction hammer has come down on David Hasselhoff’s personal K.I.T.T. car. In late January, the customized 1982 black Pontiac Firebird Trans Am sold for a whopping $300,000. Much lower than initially anticipated after investigations by the auction house invalidated a few bids.

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How much did Kitt sell for at auction?

Hasselhoff’s own Knight Rider car goes for $300,000 at auction. LOS ANGELES (CBS Newspath) — David Hasselhoff auctioned off his K.I.T.T.

Is Kitt still at Universal Studios?

Knight Rider the TV show ran from 1982 – 1986 over 84 episodes. His car was called KITT (standing for Knight Industries Two Thousand). The attraction was positioned over a body of water on the Upper Lot just behind what is now the Hollywood Cantina and Flintstones Drive-In. Unfortunately it’s all concrete now.

Why is David Hasselhoff auctioning off his stuff?

It turns out, David Hasselhoff has quite a collection of merchandise and memorabilia from all of the things he’s done, and is auctioning off 150 pieces of his own collection to raise money for charity. It’s cool to see the Hoff doing something charitable.

How old is David Hasselhoff and what is his net worth?

He is best known from ‘Knight Rider’ and ‘Baywatch’. Hasselhoff produced Baywatch from the 1990s until 2001 when the series ended with Baywatch Hawaii….

Net Worth: $10 Million
Age: 68
Born: July 17, 1952
Country of Origin: United States of America
Source of Wealth: Professional Actor
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Who voiced the car in Knight Rider?

William Daniels as the voice of KITT, or Knight Industries Two Thousand, the autonomous, artificially intelligent car, with whom Michael Knight is partnered. Daniels, who simultaneously starred on St. Elsewhere, requested not to be credited for his role as KITT’s voice.

Who is the voice in Knight Rider?

William Daniels, the actor who played beloved “ Boy Meets World ” teacher Mr. Feeny, has been replaced by Justin Bieber as the voice of “Knight Rider” smart car KITT .

Who was the voice of KITT?

Michael Knight. KITT (an acronym for Knight Industries Two Thousand) is a fictional computer that controls the high-tech Knight 2000, a black Pontiac Firebird Trans Am T-top automobile. The voice for KITT was provided by William Daniels, who requested that he not be credited for his work.

Who is the voice of Knight Rider car?

A 1991 sequel movie Knight Rider 2000 saw KITT ‘s original microprocessor unit transferred into the body of the vehicle intended to be his successor, the Knight Industries Four Thousand (Knight 4000), voiced by Carmen Argenziano and William Daniels.