Which rank is considered in Wbjee Counselling?

Which rank is considered in Wbjee Counselling?

GMR rank
The GMR rank is considered for counselling but you will get seat according to your category rank.

What is the use of TFW rank in Wbjee?

Under TFW category, the rank holders can take admission into all the participating universities / university departments / government colleges as well as private and self-financing colleges that offer Engineering / Technology / Pharmacy / Architecture courses.

What is ACPC mm?

The M.M written in the ACPC Cut off Rank List signifies Merit Marks. ACPC Merit Rank is evaluated from the candidates GUJCET marks. For example – The Merit Marks will be (0.4A) + (0.6B) which will be out of 100 where A is the percentile of the GUJCET and B is the percentile of Boards.

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What is the merit rank in WBJEE 2020?

Based on the papers appeared in WBJEE 2020 followed by marks scored thereof, two separate merit ranks are generated by the Board i.e. General Merit Rank (GMR) and Pharmacy Merit Rank (PMR). On the basis of these lists, qualified candidates will be called for counselling rounds.

Why do WBJEE ranks vary from person to person?

There are basically four rules followed in the rank system, which can cause WBJEE ranks to vary from person to person. Whenever a student scores high, the competition will be less for them. The reason behind this is that there are very few students who are able to score in the upper bracket. Thus, rank does not vary much with marks.

What is the difference between GMR and category ranks?

GMR is applicable for all category of rank holders in respect to admission. Counselling/allotment of seat/admission will be done based on GMR only (not on category ranks). Category ranks are only for information to candidates. Category ranks are generated based on the birth category information given by the candidates during online application.

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What is the meaning of general merit rank (GMR) in engineering?

Gmr stands for general merit rank. It is the ranking needed for degree courses and architectural courses. It is allotted with respect to combined score of physics,chemistry and maths.