Which is better galgotia or IPU?

Which is better galgotia or IPU?

IPU is much much better compared to Galgotia University. Galgotia University is good if you want to pursue CSE (engineering) only. As well as it’s situated outside of greater Noida so it will cost you time as well. But IPU has better Fees structure and is located in Delhi itself.

Which university is best galgotia or Sharda?

In this regard, Galgotia has a slight advantage over Sharda. But if we talk about the highest package offered then it’s Sharda. Galgotia University has a better placement percentage than Sharda. But if we ignore the minute details and highest salary offered then the Placements of both the Universities are kind of same.

Can I get direct admission in galgotia university?

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Direct Admission in Galgotias University (GU) through Management Quota (For engineering and management course, MBA, BBA, and B. Pharma) Shape your career in engineering or management field by selecting process of Direct admission in Galgotias University (GU), one of the top listed organizations in Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

How is the placement of MS Sejal Srivastava at Galgotias University?

Ms. Sejal Srivastava I got placed in P.N.B. Housing Finance limited from college placement. The facilities and package is all regulated like government institutions and good exposure to the MTs. I really thank Galgotias University for all the learning and support provided to get the best of me.

Why Rohan Khare Galgotias University?

Mr. Rohan Khare Galgotias University is a place where students are nurtured by ingenious professional faculties. The placement department brought excellent opportunities to campus. I was fortunate enough to get training in not only academics, but also in personality development.

How is the placement cell at Galgotias University?

Mr. Sulabh Gupta Our university’s Training & Placement Cell is one of the best placement cell among all the colleges. The team is very supportive and enthusiastic and takes genuine pain to place the students in the best possible companies with best salary packages in the market. I feel happy to be a part of Galgotias University.

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What is the admission procedure for BTech in Galgotia University?

B.Tech admissions to the university are offered on the basis of performance in Galgotia Engineering Entrance Exam (GEEE), an exam conducted by the university itself. Galgotia University’s academic structure is divided into various constituent schools, with each one representing a different field of study.