What is shape in Army?

What is shape in Army?

Strategic Level Command: SHAPE SHAPE is a strategic headquarters. Its role is to prepare, plan, conduct and execute NATO military operations, missions and tasks in order to achieve the strategic objectives of the Alliance.

What is shape a category?

It is a medical classification of a soldier,which determines his employability. SHAPE 1 is fit in all physical respects. Certain categories cannot be employed in high altitude or field areas, whereas another category may have restriction on his commanding a unit. Temporary classification is for a limited period.

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What is P2 category in Army?

2011, the medical category of the petitioner was changed from P2(T- 24) to P2(Permanent) and as such, having been placed in Low Medical Category permanently, was required to be discharged from the Territorial Army service under the relevant rules. 10.

What is the Indian Army symbol?

Indian Armed Forces
Emblem of the Indian Armed Forces
Flag of Indian Armed Forces
Service branches Indian Army Indian Navy Indian Air Force
Headquarters Ministry of Defence, South Block, New Delhi

What is the meaning of Shape 1?

SHAPE Stands For : Strategic Health Asset Planning and Evaluation | Screening for Heart Attack Prevention and Education.

What is shape stand for?


Acronym Definition
SHAPE Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers, Europe (NATO)
SHAPE Shaping Health as Partners in Education
SHAPE Spiritual Gifts, Heart, Abilities, Personality, Experiences
SHAPE Sport, Health, and Physical Education (UK)

What is the meaning of shape 1?

What is a shape Grade 1?

In geometry, a shape can be defined as the form of an object or its outline, outer boundary or outer surface.

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What is P3 t24?

…medical category P3(T-24) due to Primary Hypertension and Dyslipidemia.

What is the full form of shape?

SHAPE. Safety Health Awareness Prevention Education.

What is the meaning of shape in the Indian Armed Forces?

The SHAPE categorisation is used in the Indian Armed Forces to indicate an officer’s (or soldier’s medical condition. S (Psychiatric), H (Hearing) , A (Appendages), P (Physical- meaning everything other than the other four) and E (Eyesight).

What is the meaning of the medical categoryshape-1 in the Indian Army?

SHAPE-1 in Indian army means Fit for all kind of duties in all-terrain and weather. So different medical categories in the Indian army to officers/Personnel below officer ranks are given by medical authorities depending upon the employment capability of soldiers.

What does shape stand for?

The word SHAPE stands for determine medical fitness of officers based on five factors given below:- Officer who are fully fit on above categories are given medical category SHAPE-1. If an officer has weakness in any of the factor, then that will downgraded.

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What are the basic field formations of the Indian Army?

Below are the basic field formations of the Indian Army: Command: Indian Army has six operational commands and one training command. Corps: A command generally consists of two or more corps. Division: Each Division is headed by GOC (Division Commander) in the rank of Major General.