What is liberal studies core at NYU?

What is liberal studies core at NYU?

The Liberal Studies Core is a two-year interdisciplinary liberal arts curriculum that provides an innovative foundation for nearly 100 NYU majors. The curriculum emphasizes great works across civilizations in a global context, introducing students to complex ideas and material culture from antiquity to today.

Is it easy to get into NYU Liberal Studies?

Applicants are selected by the Admissions Committee each year. The Admissions Committee offers admission to only a select group of first-year applicants.

Can you transfer from NYU Liberal Studies to Stern?

To be considered as a transfer applicant to Stern, you must: Apply for the fall semester only; Be in your first-year or sophomore year; and. Have completed or be in the process of completing the required coursework.

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What jobs can you get with a liberal studies degree?

10 jobs that pay more than $55,000 that you can get with a liberal arts degree

  • Fundraiser. Median annual wage: $55,640.
  • Secondary school teacher.
  • Editor.
  • Public relations specialist.
  • Human resources specialist.
  • Training and development specialist.
  • Writer and author.
  • Education administrator.

What is NYU core program?

The Liberal Studies Core provides a dynamic, creative, and intersectional approach to the liberal arts and an interdisciplinary global foundation for nearly 100 majors at NYU. Liberal Studies advisors and professors work closely with students to identify the best academic plan for achieving their goals.

How does NYU Liberal Studies work?

The Liberal Studies (LS) Core is a two-year program that allows tremendous flexibility. LS students get the opportunity to explore many subjects before committing to a particular major. Then, after choosing a major and completing the Core, they earn their bachelor’s degree over their final two years at NYU.

Can you apply to both NYU and NYU Stern?

Thus, determine carefully the one program to which you will apply. Applicants are permitted to submit admissions applications to two (or more) programs if they are within different schools at NYU. NYU does not allow enrollment in more than one school simultaneously.

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Should I major in Liberal Studies?

A liberal studies undergraduate degree can prepare you for a graduate degree in law or criminal justice. With exploration to concentrate on medical science, business, or psychology. Liberal studies degrees are also appropriate for careers in marketing, healthcare, and hospitality management.

Can you teach with a Liberal Studies degree?

A Liberal Studies undergraduate degree can set you on a path toward a variety of professions within the field of education, such as teacher, school administrator, reading specialist, librarian, information scientist, or instructional designer.

What is an LS core student at NYU?

As an LS Core student, you will have access to the university’s varied academic programs, from the College of Arts and Science’s 60+ majors, to select bachelor’s degrees at the Tandon School of Engineering. LS Core students who meet the above requirements may also apply for internal transfer to the following colleges and degree programs at NYU.

How many credits do you need to get a degree at NYU?

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By the end of the sophomore year at NYU, you will have completed 64 credits, one-half of the 128 credits required for an NYU bachelor’s degree. What classes will I take in Florence, London, Madrid or Washington, DC?

What classes do first-year students take at NYU?

In addition, first-year students typically take a course in the natural sciences at Liberal Studies. In your sophomore year, you finish LS Core Curriculum coursework while completing electives chosen from across NYU’s diverse programs.

What are elective courses at NYU?

This year, your advisor will guide you in choosing elective courses from NYU’s extensive offerings. These electives are designed to help you select a major or begin work in a particular field.