What is a healthier alternative to gel nails?

What is a healthier alternative to gel nails?

Try a Healthier Option: SpaRitual makes something called a Gold formulation, which is a 2-step longer wear mani that doesn’t damage your nails like gels, but does improve the wear time.

What is the safest nail enhancement?

Gel extensions are safer because they: 1- Don’t use so many harsh chemicals like acrylic application – Acrylic nails tend to use chemicals such as methyl methacrylate and toluene both of which can seriously damage your natural nail plates.

Is gel or shellac better for natural nails?

Gel manicures benefit those with weaker nails and lasts just that little bit longer than Shellac. However, the removal process is quite lengthy. Shellac is a thinner polish, so if you want to give your nails more space to “breathe’ and have sturdy natural nail beds, this one’s for you.

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Do gel nails ruin natural nails?

“When applied and removed correctly, gels are completely safe to wear on an ongoing basis,” adds Rita. “Gels can certainly weaken the nails if they are peeled or pried off the nail, which can strip layers of the natural nail, or if the nail if over buffed prior to gel application.”

What is an organic manicure?

What Is an Organic Manicure? Organic manicures are similar to your run-of-the-mill manis, except they use polishes that are free of chemicals such as toluene, DBP, and formaldehyde.

What type of artificial nails cause the least damage?

Choose soak-off gel nails instead of acrylic nails. While gel nails can cause nail brittleness, peeling, and cracking, they’re more flexible than acrylic nails. This means your own nails are less likely to crack. You’ll want to ask for gel nails that soak off rather than ones that must be filed off.

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What are the dangers of gel nail polish?

Although gel manicures can be beautiful and long-lasting, they can be tough on nails. Gel manicures can cause nail brittleness, peeling and cracking, and repeated use can increase the risk for skin cancer and premature skin aging on the hands.

Are gel manicures bad for your nails?

Gel manicures are not bad for nails as long as you go to a well-trained nail tech who properly prepares, applies and removes the gel polish.

Are gel manicures dangerous?

The downside with gel manicures stems from the crucial UV-curing step. A recent study found that the cumulative damage from the light frequencies the nail lamps emit can cause DNA damage to the skin that can result in premature aging and possibly cancer.

What are the benefits of gel nails?

The biggest advantage of gel nails, of course, is how fabulous they make the nails look! Unlike acrylic, gel polish can hide bumps and grooves in nails that might show otherwise. The polish dries smooth and is resistant to breakage and damage for sometimes up to four weeks.

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