What is a Bain interview like?

What is a Bain interview like?

Bain interviewers will also ask you behavioural questions during your interviews. You will come across two main types of questions: Fit questions (~90\% of questions) such as “Why consulting?” or “Why Bain?” These questions are used to assess if you are a good FIT for Bain.

What does Bain look for in applicants?

Bain looks for people with analytics skills; the ability to break down challenging problems into parts they can tackle in a sequence; strong communication skills; the ability to simply communicate complex concepts; strong team skills and the ability to work successfully alongside others to win as a team.

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How is Bain different from other consulting firms?

A more hierarchical and meritocratic firm This is unlike at McKinsey and BCG, where team members each have their own workstream and report to the same team leader. Therefore, consultants at Bain gain managerial responsibility faster than at other firms. That being said, careers at Bain are more fluid.

Are Bain interviews in person?

Interviews for Top Jobs at Bain & Company.

What does Bain & Company stand for?

BAIN AND COMPANY HISTORY. Bain and Company was founded in 1973 by Bill Bain and 6 other BCG defectors. Their motto, “results not reports,” allowed them to move quickly from a small time player to competing at the top of the game.

What makes Bain different in MBB?

The most notable difference is in the type of case interviews conducted: McKinsey uses a candidate-led approach, while BCG and Bain opt for an interviewer-led cases. Like the MBB firms themselves, though, the case interviews the three companies employ are really a great deal more similar than they are different.

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Are all Bain interview questions the same?

This means that no two Bain interview questions will be the same, and while the interviewers do get guidelines for the interview, they get a surprising amount of wiggle room in the types of questions they ask. As others have mentioned, you really shouldn’t judge case interviews from the practice cases in Case and Point and other prep. books.

What is the interview process like at McKinsey BCG and Bain?

The truth is that interviews at McKinsey, BCG and Bain are not that different from each other. You can expect to be tested with both case questions and ‘fit’ or personal experience questions. The complexity of cases is also similar.

What is the culture like at Bain & Co?

Therefore, Bain rewards its top performers with faster career progressions. This is different to BCG or McKinsey where some offices impose staying a minimum time at each level, regardless of performance. As with many top consulting firms, Bain’s culture is very feedback focused.

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What is it like to be a consultant at Bain & Co?

Therefore, consultants at Bain gain managerial responsibility faster than at other firms. The flip side is that it makes transitions from other industries more challenging, since new joiners have to quickly get their act together and be ready to manage junior team members who may have more consulting experience.