Is IE Irodov enough for NEET?

Is IE Irodov enough for NEET?

IE Irodov Physics is a good book for solving Physics numercals. Hence, NEET aspirants and Medical entrance exam aspirants are advised to read this book only in their free time. …

Is I.E. Irodov enough for JEE Advanced?

No, Irodov is a very advance book. That should serve as an addition to HCV, NCERT and coaching modules.

Is I.E. Irodov enough for NEET?

Is Irodov good for JEE?

Yes, Irodov is highly recommend for cracking Jee. Many questions set in test series of big coaching institutes (like AITS of FIITJEE) are inspired from Irodov.

How do I solve the IE Irodov general physics problems?

For better result first, you should sharp your basic concepts from H.C. Verma Physics book and then solve the IE Irodov General Physics Problems. If you face any problem to solve the question then you can use the solution pdf which is also given along with this book and you can download it, and the link is given below.

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Is Irodov’s book is good for JEE preparation?

The book is really intended for those who are passionate about physics problem solving. Now as far as the preparation of JEE aspect is concerned, you should note that many questions from Irodov are not in current JEE syllabus.

How do I solve irodove exam questions without solutions?

Ask you coaching teacher or any senior about this because in irodove there are lot many questions you will come across that is beyond syllabus and worthless for advance. The simple way is that take a pen and point out all the questions you feel you could do and solve it without the help of solutions.

What is the best way to learn Irodo?

If you are done with it then do irodo. First do randomly 20 question it would give you idea of your level. If you solve few ask for help from your mentors or check solution. – if you understand then well and good try more 20 question randomly repeat until you make most out of 20. -if you donot then just try once more else leave irodo.

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