How much will it cost to travel to Spiti Valley?

How much will it cost to travel to Spiti Valley?

Package Name

Package Name Duration Price
Spiti in Winter with Shimla 7 Days 6 Nights ₹ 18850.0
Spiti Valley in Winter 7 Days 6 Nights ₹ 21800.0
Spiti Valley Tour Package from Manali 5 Days 4 Nights ₹ 12500.0
Spiti Valley Bike Trip 9 Days 8 Nights ₹ 19900.0

Is it worth going to Spiti Valley?

Tabo and Dhankar are two of the ancient monasteries that are an absolute must-visit. So, if you love visiting such ancient monasteries, Spiti valley is absolutely worth visiting. Such ancient monasteries located in remote regions provide extremely peaceful vibes.

How do I get to Spiti by train?

Joginder Nagar Railway Station which is located at around 360 km from Spiti Valley. It is the nearest railway station to Spiti Valley located at around 160 km from Manali. To board this train you’ll first have to reach Pathankot, and from here you can board the toy train that will drop you at Jogindernagar.

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Which car is best for Spiti Valley?

Any SUV will probably be the best car for Spiti Valley. It doesn’t matter if it is a 2 wheel drive or 4×4 but the good ground clearance an SUV offers will be of great help while traveling through Spiti. You can pretty much take it to any area and it will be able to handle the terrain well.

Can I take Zoomcar to Spiti?

About Spiti Valley Hire a self drive car from Delhi with Zoomcar and be assured of 24/7 support, damage insurance, top quality vehicles and very importantly an all India permit for this multi-state road trip you have been dreaming of.

Is alcohol available in Spiti?

MANALI: Tribal women of Khurik village of Himachal’s Spiti valley have banned sale, purchase and use of liquor in the village. The villagers, in an effort to prevent government schools from closing down, have also decided to put at least one child in government school.

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Does it rain in Spiti?

Spiti, like Ladakh, is a dry cold desert that sees close to no rains, even during the monsoon season.

How to travel to Spiti?

Traveling to Spiti by air is not an easy task because the Spiti Valley nearest airport is in Kullu which is around 260 kilometers away. Therefore, one still has to cover a lot of ground while traveling to Spiti by air. It takes around 7 to 8 hours to reach Spiti from Kullu airport.

How to travel from Manali to Spiti Valley?

So, in Spiti Valley, travelers mostly commute either by privately hired taxis or by finding travel partners and sharing the cost with them or riding rented bikes from Manali or ultimately self-drive on their bikes or cars. All these options will present you with different costs of the trip.

How to reduce Shimla to Spiti Valley Taxi Fare?

A group size of five is also ideal for splitting the taxi cost appropriately, as well. Hence, Shimla to Spiti Valley taxi fare will reduce with the number of people in the group. Q10. How to plan a budget trip to Spiti Valley by Public Transport?

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How much does it cost to travel Kinnaur & Spiti Valley?

The rates of the taxis for Kinnaur & Spiti Valley trips are about Rs 3200 – 3500 per day depending upon the number of days you plan to travel, more the days, less the price. So, for seven days of Spiti Valley tour, you are looking at Rs 4500 – 4900 per person for taxi considering five people are traveling in your group.