How much horsepower can you get out of a Crown Vic?

How much horsepower can you get out of a Crown Vic?

It’s got a supercharged, overbuilt motor that should be capable of handling large amounts of power. In fact, it’s already making 422 horsepower at the rear wheels, which is a heck of a jump over the stock unit’s 210-250 horsepower.

How much horsepower does a 4.6 interceptor have?

The Police Interceptor was motivated by a single-overhead-cam, 4.6-liter V-8. The engine produced 250 horsepower at 5,000 rpm and 297 foot-pounds of torque at 4,000 rpm.

How fast is Crown Victoria Police Interceptor?

The Police Interceptor also has a calibrated 140 mph (225 km/h) speedometer.

Are Crown Vics fast?

With a 4-speed automatic and only 250 hp, the Crown Vic isn’t exactly fast. But it builds power linearly and controllably. And despite the live rear axle, the ride is smooth, and body motion well-controlled.

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What year Crown Vic is the fastest?

Blast From the Past: A 2003 Ford Crown Victoria and the Fastest Drive in Reverse. Not all superheroes wear capes; some of them drive Ford Crown Victoria sedans. One of them is Canadian Rob Gibney, who set a new world record for the fastest drive in reverse way back in August 2004.

How fast can a Crown Vic go?

Ford Crown Victoria The 250 horsepower P71 is sturdy, reliable and fast, producing 297 lb. -ft. of torque for impressive acceleration. The P71’s are electronically limited to 120 mph, for the 3:55:1 rear axle ration version and 135 mph for the 3:27:1 rear axle ratio.

How much horsepower does a 2008 Crown Victoria Police Interceptor have?

160 Horsepower
Boosting A Crown Vic Police Interceptor 160 Horsepower. Tommy and Marc almost double the horsepower on a 2008 Ford 4.6L Crown Victoria P71 Police Interceptor. The solution for more power is adding a small tailpipe turbo, exhaust and fuel mods.

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How much horsepower does a 2008 Crown Victoria have?

224 hp @ 4750 rpm
Used 2008 Ford Crown Victoria LX Fleet Specs & Features

Cylinders V8
Horsepower 224 hp @ 4750 rpm
Torque 265 lb-ft @ 4000 rpm
Turning circle 40.3 ft.

How many miles can a Crown Vic go?

If you are wondering what the life expectancy is on the 4.6L 2V that can be found in the police interceptor, then depending on the maintenace (usually excellent) and depending on what the car was used for (city or highway) you can figure up to around 500,000km.