How many hours do long haul pilots work?

How many hours do long haul pilots work?

Work-life balance Long-haul Pilots will operate flight times of six hours plus and will only fly to one destination, albeit there may be stops on the route. Of course, each type of flying will have an impact on your work-life balance.

What is the life of an airline pilot like?

Pilots operate in a 24-hour, 7 days a week, 365 days per year environment. They often set out to work as most people are heading home for the day or getting ready to sleep.

Do long haul pilots get paid more?

Speaking of getting paid, we mentioned earlier that long haul pilots generally make more than short haul pilots. According to some data, long haul captains can possibly make within a range from $124,000 to $250,000, while long haul first officers (co-pilots) make a range of $94,000 to $187,000.

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How often do international pilots fly?

Airline pilots are permitted to fly no more than 30 hours in any 7 consecutive days, 100 hours a month, and 1,000 hours a year. On average, airline pilots will fly around 85 hours a week, and 700 hours a year.

What are long-haul flights?

Long-haul flights are typically those which are upwards of seven hours in flight time. From crew rotation to pilot rest requirements, we examine how airlines fly long-haul. How do airlines like Qantas manage long-haul flights? Photo: Steve Lynes via Flickr How many people keep a plane flying?

How many pilots do you need to fly long-haul flights?

Consequently, long-haul flights require multiple pilots as well as crew. And with the rise of ultra-long-haul flights, that becomes even more essential. Maximum flight times for pilots depend on the scheduled time of their first flight.

How long do airline pilots fly?

With three pilots, flight time can be 13 hours and with four pilots up to 17 hours. That means that on long haul flights of this duration, pilots will rotate to cover the flight time. This is how some pilot rest areas look.

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Do pilots get rest days on long flights?

These rules for both serving and reserve pilots apply to all international, domestic and unscheduled flights in the U.S. Singapore Airlines takes its pilots’ rest requirements very seriously. The airline told us: “In addition to rest days, cabin crew and pilots are given in-flight rest on longer flights.