How do I prepare for Amazon SDE 2?

How do I prepare for Amazon SDE 2?


  1. Open account on leetcode and hackerrank.
  2. Solve at-least one problem everyday (either an already solved one or a new one)
  3. Continue this for 6 months and start applying for your dream job.

How do I prepare for a technical interview for a month?

How To Prepare For an Interview In One Month

  1. Day 0: Make concrete timeline and stick to it.
  2. Stage 1: Basic knowledge review (7-10 days)
  3. Stage 2: General technical interview questions (~7 days)
  4. Step 3: Company-targeted preparation (~7 days)
  5. Step 4: Practice and practice (4-7 days)
  6. Conclusion.

How difficult is Amazon SDE interview Quora?

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Having conducted interviews at Amazon, the people who prepared well could blaze through the questions (especially leadership principle questions) while the people who didn’t prepare got stuck from the get to go. Generally, engineer interviews are like 70\% preparation and 30\% luck.

How many hours is Amazon orientation?

For how long is the orientation? It is a three-day-long program. The orientation is the overview of the job and its timings are similar to office hours. It may be 5 to 7 hours long each day explaining different things.

Does Amazon ask Leetcode hard questions?

No questions from Leetcode. AMAZON, if you want to ask a hard questions in an interview, stop asking leadership principles. Interview is 60 mins, 15 mins are leadership principles and 5 mins are reserved for candidate to ask questions to interviewer (even if I don’t want to ask questions 😀 ).

How do I prepare for the Amazon coding interview?

For the online round, try to solve a few debugging and SAT-style questions in a limited time. Prepare solid answers based on your resume and projects for the behavioral round in tune with Amazon’s Leadership Principles. Practice with a friend. Start with solving problems in Cracking the Coding Interview book.

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What is the interview process like at Amazon for SDE?

The Amazon interview process can seem daunting to a lot of software developers. These interviews are tricky and cover a wide range of topics. However, with the right preparation,(Continue reading) I recently scored an SDE internship with Amazon (Seattle) for Summer 2019. Here are my two cents.

How long does it take for Amazon to respond to interviewers?

Their typical response times are anywhere between 1 day to a week. Within a week they should definitely get back with the results. In case someone fails to contact you then send an email after a week. Also, check the link Amazon Phone Interview for more idea.

How do I prepare for an Amazon leadership interview?

Amazon gives equal importance to behavioral questions. Understand each of Amazon’s leadership principle – prepare examples from your past experiences for each of the leadership principle. If you have questions on any of the principle, your technical recruiter can probably help you. Don’t hesitate to reach out to them. Could take a week to prepare.

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