How do I get a GameMaker license?

How do I get a GameMaker license?

To get started you will first have to create an account at This website is where you complete the sign-up process and get granted a free licence (paid subscriptions are available) and is also your gateway to other GameMaker features, such as the Marketplace.

Is GameMaker free now?

GameMaker Studio Standard is now completely free. Users that download GameMaker Studio Standard may go on to purchase other tiers of the software, including the Professional edition or the Master Collection. These versions add support for exporting games to iOS, Android, HTML5, Mac OS X, PlayStation, and more.

Do you need to pay for GameMaker?

From today, developers can have unlimited free access to GameMaker, and will only need to pay for a license if they wish to export and publish their game. The second option will be the Enterprise license, priced at $79.99 monthly, or $799.99 yearly. It will give access to all platforms.

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How much does it cost to use GameMaker studio?

GameMaker Studio 2 Specs

Starting Price $39 per year
Platform Android, Xbox One, iOS, PlayStation 5, Linux, Xbox Series X/S, Mac, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Web, Windows
Community Marketplace / Gallery Yes
Requires Some Coding No
3D Editing Yes

What engine does GameMaker use?

Check out some popular games made with Unreal Engine. GameMaker Studio is one of the most recommended engines for beginning game developers. It is primarily used for making 2D games, but it is possible to make 3D games. You can export your games to multiple platforms if you have purchased the correct license.

How do I license GameMaker Studio to make games?

YoYo Account – If you have already set up your YYA (YoYo Account) then you can enter your Email and Password to licence GameMaker: Studio and start making games. Note that if you have a GameMaker: Marketplace account, then you can use the email/password that you set up for them here too.

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Why is GameMaker Studio no longer available on Steam?

Because Gamemaker Studio 1.x has been retired by the developer and is no longer supported software. Its not de-licenced, found it whit a help of a youtube video, basically you type a url in a browser the open that url in steam than you have a free game maker 1.4, well now free since the export options are limited.

Is there a 30 day free trial for GameMaker Studio?

Provides 30 days’ access to GameMaker Studio 2. This is a 30 day free trial for use on Windows or Mac with full design functionality and the ability to run games in the GameMaker software. Let your imagination run wild with GameMaker Studio 2 Creator and publish to Mac or Windows. Comes with 30\% upgrade discount to DESKTOP.

Why learn how to make a game?

Learning how to make a game is easier than ever. Make games of any size and never worry about running into limits for your ideas. Access to all learning resources and official tutorial and demo content. Join our thriving community to share, discuss, and contribute to all game making journeys.

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