Does Golden Experience Requiem have infinite speed?

Does Golden Experience Requiem have infinite speed?

GER does not have infinite speed, it’s stats only seem to be off the scale, as they are undefined. 2.

How fast can Gold Experience punch?

Buccellati’s mental experience was about 15 seconds while he was under the effect of Gold Experience’s first punch. To make things roughly equal (and so that I’m dealing with solid integers here), we’ll say that punch in real time took about one second in total.

How fast is Giorno’s stand?

Speed: Same at A/Infinite. The projectiles it can fire easily exceed mach 1, while its power to return everything to zero means there’s no need for speed.

How do I get the Golden Experience Requiem?

Golden Experience Requiem is obtained by using a Requiem Arrow on Golden Experience with a 1/10 Chance. If you succeed, then a “Korega, Requiem… Da.” Sound Effect plays From GER. True Requiem Arrow increases the chance to 1/5, this is the arrow that’ll most likely give you GER.

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Can the world over Heaven defeat Gold Experience Requiem?

Eyes of Heaven introduces a Stand, The World Over Heaven, capable of nullifying Gold Experience Requiem’s ability. This marks The World Over Heaven as being one of two known Stand that is able to defeat Gold Experience Requiem’s seemingly invincible power.

Does Gold Experience Requiem stop time stop?

You are seeing the movements created by your abilities, but you will NEVER arrive at the truth that’s going to happen. None who stand before me shall ever get there, regardless of their abilities. This is the power of Gold Experience Requiem!” stops time stop and time erase also reflect DMG but is bypassed by OH stands

How much HP does Gold Experience Requiem heal?

Gold Experience Requiem will go in front of you and touch your chest, healing 50 HP. Gold Experience Requiem will go in front and punch, healing 50 to whoever it touches.

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