Does branch matter in top IITs?

Does branch matter in top IITs?

IIT’S are one of the reputed colleges in India. In general you must prefer the branch you are interested in as the placement depends upon your performance but as top IIT have good placement offers and many top companies recruit the students no matter of the branch.

Does branch matter in top NIT?

Branch do really matters in getting admission into IITs and NITs as the topmost branches like CS, MECH, CIVIL,ECE,EE are the most sought out branches by the students. Thus, the competition is higher for getting into these branches and you need to get higher score and percentile in this case.

Which is the best branch in IIT Bombay?

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Here is a list of top IITs with the top IIT branches and other details that you need to know: Name of IIT Top Branches IIT Bombay 2.Metallurgical Engineering 3.Engineering physics 4.Electrical Engineering

Which Engineering Branch has highest number of seats in IITs?

Last year, among the top engineering branches, the highest number of seats were available for Mechanical Engineering, which was offered by 16 existing IITs and ISM Dhanbad. The least number of seats among most preferred engineering branches were available for Engineering Physics, which was offered by only five IITs.

What is the closing rank of core branches in IITs?

For old IITs, the closing rank has been 4500 for core branches. From then on, the students have to make a choice between core branches in the new IITs and the other branches in the old IITs.

Which is the best IIT in India for JEE Mains?

Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur: This is the oldest IIT and has a very big and beautiful campus. It also offers a wide variety of courses and is a top choice among JEE aspirants. It has unique courses like Agriculture and Food Engineering, Applied Geology, Exploration Geophysics, and many more.

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