Can you get a job with just CompTIA Security+?

Can you get a job with just CompTIA Security+?

The job roles covered by CompTIA Security+ are categorized under network and computer systems administrators by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The number of jobs in this category is expected to grow by more than six percent by 2026. The median pay in 2017 was $81,100.

Do you need a degree with CompTIA?

Fact: 69\% of CompTIA certification candidates do not have a degree. When Fernandez writes job descriptions, IT certifications are always a requirement. Having IT certifications proves to him that candidates can perform well in the job they are applying for.

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Do you need a college degree to work in cyber security?

Many companies now require cyber security professionals to have a bachelor’s degree, but some companies hire candidates with certifications for various positions. If you have a background in technology or have prior security experience, you may be able to obtain an entry-level job with the right certification.

What is a passing score for CompTIA Security+?


Exam Codes SY0-501
Type of Questions Multiple choice and performance-based
Length of Test 90 minutes
Passing Score 750 (on a scale of 100-900)
Recommended Experience CompTIA Network+ and two years of experience in IT administration with a security focus

How can I get a job in cybersecurity with no degree?

You can get a job in cybersecurity with no degree if you 1) have prior IT or military experience, or 2) have a security-related certification such as CompTIA Security+, and 3) are looking for an entry-level job.

How long does it take to get a cybersecurity job?

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However, research shows that even many entry-level cybersecurity jobs require 3-5 years of related experience. According to a “State of Cybersecurity Hiring Report” from Burning Glass Technologies, “Most cybersecurity employers aren’t looking for newbies, and they aren’t looking for those without a college degree, either.

What are the best entry-level cybersecurity jobs?

Other entry-level cybersecurity jobs include: 1 Information security analyst 2 Junior penetration tester 3 Systems administrator 4 Security technician 5 And more

Is the only way to get into cybersecurity through the technical door?

As Deborah Hurley, professor of cybersecurity at Brown University, once commented on the matter, “Sometimes it’s perceived that the only way of entering cybersecurity is through the technical door, but that’s not the case […]