Can the Borg assimilate Vulcans?

Can the Borg assimilate Vulcans?

Assimilation of a Vulcan into the Borg is not unheard of, and it seems that everyone’s favorite half-Vulcan, Mr. Remember that Captain Jean-Luc Picard was chosen as an intermediary, Locutus of Borg, in 2366 during The Next Generation.

Can all Vulcans mind meld?

In “Kir’Shara” it is eventually confirmed that every Vulcan may be able to meld. T’Pau says she could initiate the capability of melding in everyone.

Can Romulans do the Vulcan mind meld?

Though Romulans and Vulcans share common biological origins, as far as I know, only Vulcans are able to initiate mind melds. Once Narek is in position to follow them, the Romulans let them go. They’re not the only ones affected by Picard and Soji.

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Who created Borg?

Maurice Hurley

The Borg
Created by Maurice Hurley
Base of operations Delta Quadrant
Leader The Borg are one single mind which is sometimes represented by the Borg Queen

What disease does t POL have?

In the episode, it is revealed that Sub-commander T’Pol has a degenerative disease, Pa’nar Syndrome, contracted from her mind meld in “Fusion.” She must face being ostracized by Vulcan society and losing her position on Enterprise.

Is there a Vulcan death grip?

The Vulcan death grip isn’t real. Though the term has made is regularly used by sci-fi fans to represent an extremely tight grip, the term is actually a fictitious technique invented by Vulcan Spock (played by the Leonard Nimoy) in an early episode of the original series in 1968.

Is the Vulcan neck pinch real?

Physiology. Although entirely fictional, fans and critics of the show have tried to explain how the pinch may work. It has been compared to the fictional “karate chop”, which was used in other 1960s television series to render opponents unconscious.

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What’s a mind melt?

A (supposed) technique for the psychic fusion of two or more minds, permitting unrestricted communication or deep understanding (originally from the United States television series Star Trek); also in extended use.