Why was Metro exodus removed from Steam?

Why was Metro exodus removed from Steam?

[Update: The Metro Exodus Steam page now notes that the game will be removed from Steam “later today… due to a publisher decision to make the game exclusive to another PC store. “We think the decision to remove the game is unfair to Steam customers,” the statement continues. “Especially after a long pre-sale period.

Is Epic store better than Steam?

In terms of revenue splits, Steam offers a split of 30/70-20/80 (Steam/Developer) depending on sales. Epic meanwhile, offers a much more generous 12/88 ratio, meaning more money going back to the developers, to hopefully spend it on making more content.

Can Epic store play with Steam?

Despite the recent patch that officially removed Overcooked 2 crossplay between steam and epic users, steam users CAN still do crossplay with epic players.

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Is Metro exodus free on Epic Games?

The PC Enhanced Edition is FREE to all owners of the original release on Steam, the Epic Games Store, Good Old Games and the Microsoft Store.

When did Metro exodus come to Steam?

February 15th
Metro Exodus will be available on Steam starting Saturday, February 15th, according to a tweet by the series’ official Twitter account. The game launched as an Epic Games Store exclusive last year, also on February 15th. Metro Exodus is the latest game to arrive on Steam after a period of platform exclusivity.

Was Metro exodus successful?

Metro Exodus considered a success on Steam with 200K copies sold already. Metro Exodus is finally on Steam after a 1-year exclusivity period on the Epic Games Store. The company was also surprised to see that Asia has been one of the most popular markets for the game on Steam so far.

How do I add games from Epic to Steam?

Hit the Browse button at the bottom of the window and navigate to the game’s location on your computer. Find the executable and select it. That should add the game to the original window, and you can now hit the Add selected programs button on your Steam window.

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Are the Metro games open world?

Unlike those games, Metro 2033 is not going the open-world route, giving us something a bit more linear in the name of cohesive storytelling. “It’s a story-driven, atmospheric, first-person shooter. It’s not an open world game,” THQ EP Dean Sharpe tells Inside Xbox.

Is Metro Exodus free on Steam?

Metro Exodus PC Enhanced Edition is available on Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games Store right now, and it’s completely free for those who already own the game.