Who would win in a fight Giorno or Johnny?

Who would win in a fight Giorno or Johnny?

Both Giorno and Johnny would end up losing, before Johnny stops the spin because he hit one of Giornos creatures, so he could hit Giorno, but the damage was reflected by the animal. Giorno could also lose due to whatever “this is not an attack” logic part 6 had going there.

How physically strong is tusk Act 4?

4 joules which is large multi city block level plus which is means tusk is 5 and a half times stronger than crazydiamond and two times weaker than prime starplatnum(this is a calculation and in no means a accurate strength measurement as the infinite rotation is unpredictable to use in measurements).

Can Giorno revert infinity?

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ANSWER ME GIORNO GIOVANNA! Lemme break this down. He can’t because infinity isn’t a number,its a concept if your infinitely spinning again and again that means you have always been spinning infinitely and will forever be spinning infinitely,energy doesn’t have will and it can’t be reset because it is all that there is.

Can Giorno reset anything to zero?

Created by the Arrow and born from Giorno’s strong desire to defeat King Crimson and exact revenge on Diavolo, it wields the arcane power of reverting anything to “zero”, effectively undoing their actions; a power that even triumphs over the time erasure/nullification ability of King Crimson.

How did Johnny Joestar get Tusk Act 4?

The principle behind Tusk ACT4 derives from the use of the Golden Spin, which requires Johnny to make his horse run in its “natural state”. By doing so, the horse produces rotational energy in the form of the Golden Rectangle and by combining it with Tusk, Johnny is able to release infinite rotational energy.

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Who would win giorno or Jotaro Kujo?

Also, it’s Jotaro Kujo, not Jotaro Joestar. Jotaro easily wins Giorno. Over Heaven Jotaro has an ability which allows him to rewrite reality in whichever way he wants. Basically, Jotaro could make GER vanish, or even kill Giorno in one punch.

What happened to giorno in EOH?

In EOH, Jotaro Kujo, Johnny and Giorno all attacked DIO Over Heaven. Johnny tried to hit first with Tusk’s ammunition, but was thwarted by TWOH. Then, Giorno activated GER and matched fists with TWOH, but had his reality changed somehow.

Is Star Platinum stronger than GER and Tusk Act 4?

This scene will ultimately prove the power of GER and Tusk Act 4, but we will go a bit further to realize Star Platinum’s power. As we all know, Jotaro Kujo has 1 thing that makes him and Star Platinum one of the strongest and most busted Jojo stand pairs: Fast Adapting Potential.

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Is gigiorno stronger than Dio?

Giorno controls your soul, but Dio’s was too strong, the equivalent of God’s. This still explains why Jotaro could beat him, because even tho his soul wasn’t a God’s soul, he had a God’s power.