Who would win Godzilla or AOT?

Who would win Godzilla or AOT?

Despite Godzilla likely not knowing about Titan’s weakness at the nape of the neck, the king kaiju could obliterate even the tallest Titan with a single blow. He’s just too big. Godzilla wins this fight in most scenarios.

Can Eren founding Titan beat Godzilla?

Eren would lose to most versions of Godzilla due to Godzilla being too strong for conventional weapons and the only weapon that beat him has infinite killing potential. The founding Titan is enormous but the only abilities it shown was controlling other Titans.

What would happen if Godzilla was in attack on Titan?

Because this Godzilla actively hates humanity, he would likely go on a rampage, and because most of the weapons we’ve seen in Attack on Titan scale below the Japanese military from 1954, Gojira would just go on a tear around the world, destroying everything, at least until he reaches Paradise.

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How many robots has Godzilla destroyed?

Godzilla has defeated just about every robot, monster, and alien that has tasted his nuclear breath in comics. Godzilla is no stranger to taking on foes larger than himself. King Ghidorah towers over most of the other kaiju, but Godzilla has killed that three-headed space lizard more times than he’s destroyed Tokyo.

Is Godzilla’s nuclear pulse the first time he has used it?

Though this is the first time the MonsterVerse’s Godzilla has hit an enemy with a nuclear pulse on-screen, he has used it before in Toho’s films, specifically a handful of movies from the 1990s and Godzilla 2000.

Is ‘Godzilla’ now a sixth branch of the US military?

It is fascinating to watch the original “Godzilla,” released in Japan 65 years ago this fall, in comparison to modern releases produced by American studios. Where the King of Kaiju was once a walking, roaring warning against nuclear annihilation and military excess, he is now, essentially, a sixth branch of the United States military.

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