Which version of Kirito is the strongest?

Which version of Kirito is the strongest?

Now, as the franchise developed, Kirito’s in-game forms have changed and he has become more powerful with each supposedly being more powerful than the previous one. Based on his powers, the post-Alicization version of Kirito is undoubtedly the strongest one.

What is the strongest sword of Kirito?

7 Elucidator: A Strong Sword Won From A Boss Drop The Elucidator was Kirito’s first signature weapon and served as his primary weapon in many of his fights in Sword Art Online. When creating the Night Sky Sword in the Underworld, Kirito based it off of the Elucidator, giving it a similar length and color.

Is Kirito the best player in Sao?

Kirito. Kirito later obtains the legendary blade Excalibur, and has been shown to slice through both bullets and magic using his speed. He’s lost fights (Heathcliff and Yuuki have both beaten him), but those were special circumstances (discussed below). At his best, Kirito’s the strongest player in the anime.

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What’s the highest level in Sao?

Previous games set in this universe started you out at a very high level, but you’ll actually kick things off from level one this time around. Also, there is a strict level cap in place, so you won’t be hitting the hundreds anytime soon. Currently, the level cap in the game is 70.

Who is stronger Eugeo and Kirito?

If Kirito go all out and used his Dual Sword Style he is stronger than Eugeo by quiet the Margin. Kirito had noted that Eugeo is even more talented than him, but Kirito beat him in experience, dirty trick, and Sword Skill.

How is Kirito so strong?

Soloing. The first reason Kirito is so powerful is because of his soloing. Through the act of solo playing, he is able to kill monsters alone to gain more experience allowing him to level up fairly quickly. In conclusion, through being a solo player he is able to level up quicker.

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How did Kirito become the best player in Sword Art Online?

He chose the name Kirito as his in-game avatar, and he proved to be one of the strongest and best players in Sword Art Online. As Sword Art Online got it’s release on the official release date, Kazuto bought the game and played it. Until Kirito (now in the game itself) realized that Sword Art Online was a death trap.

What is Kirito’s most powerful weapon?

Anime Arsenal: Kirito’s Most Powerful Weapons in Sword Art Online 1 Elucidator. First up is a black blade to match Kirito’s dark outfit: the sword known as Elucidator. 2 Dark Repulser. Dark Repulser is another of Kirito’s best weapons during his stay in Aincrad. 3 Holy Sword Excalibur. 4 Kagemitsu G4. 5 Blue Rose Sword.

Who is the main character in Sword Art Online?

Kirito Kirito (Real name Kirigaya Kazuto) is the main protagonist of the anime series Sword Art Online, based on the popular light novel series.

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Where can I find Kirito’s holy sword?

It appears in the ALfheim Online, and Kirito is the one and only bearer of this unique blade. He obtained it when he completed The Holy Sword of the Ice Palace quest, and this weapon’s stats are so high, it even outstrips the mighty Demonic Sword Gram.