Which degree is best for consulting?

Which degree is best for consulting?

Consultants must typically earn a bachelor’s degree in order to be competitive in the field. However, some employers prefer to hire those who have earned their master’s degree, specifically the MBA.

Which undergrad is best for consulting?

Summary. Harvard, University of Pennsylvania, University of Michigan and Yale appear to be the best overall schools when it comes to recruiting for undergraduate consulting jobs.

Which school does Mckinsey recruit from?

They recruit at elite schools like Harvard, Cornell, Dartmouth, Yale et.

How do I become a MBB consultant?

In order to get hired at the MBB, you need to have an excellent academic record from a prestigious school, you need to have been exposed to a wide range of activities, both academic and co-curricular, you need excellent communication skills, analytical capabilities, and you need to have interest in many areas.

Does MBB require GMAT?

As more and more business schools waive standardized tests for admission to their MBA programs, the companies that routinely ask students for their test results say that a GMAT or GRE score is no longer a prerequisite to getting hired.

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What MBA schools do MBB recruit?

New Placements Into MBB By School

MBA Program # of Students Joining MBB for the First Time As a \% of New Consulting Placements
Northwestern (Kellogg) 99 70.2\%
Harvard Business School 95 93.1\%
Pennsylvania (Wharton) 87 77.7\%
London Business School 62 73.8\%

Is MBB better than Big 4?

If you want to get into banking then Big 4 TAS may be considered more beneficial than consulting for some ibanks, but in most cases they would take the prestige of an MBB alum. MBB has better projects, better people, better prestige, better pay and better exit opportunities.