What topics are related to architecture?

What topics are related to architecture?

Architecture and infrastructural design

  • Architecture and urban planning.
  • Climate control in buildings.
  • Fatigue in large constructions.
  • Concrete, steel and glass structures.
  • Hydraulics and maritime technology.
  • Bridge design and construction.

What are the problems in architecture?

Architecture Challenges Every Architect Faces

  • Combatting the stereotypes.
  • Finding the right materials to suit the great designs.
  • Sustaining an income and finding new projects.
  • Making time for some hand sketching.
  • The debate for good design over poor construction.
  • Bridging the generational gap.

What are the common theories in architectural design?

Rationalism, empiricism, structuralism, post-modernism, de-constructivism structuralism and phenomenology are some directions from philosophy influencing architecture. Architectural design provides a distinction between existence and living.

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What problems do architects solve?

Most architects care deeply about the problems intertwined with the built environment—housing, climate, health, social wellbeing—and the evidence is clear that many of these have reached a crisis point, or at least need stronger action than business-as-usual.

What is challenging about being an architect?

One of the most challenging problems that architects face when handling projects is taking a step back from them. All the deadlines, budget constraints, communication issues, and more can make it exceptionally difficult to come up with a great design, so it’s often necessary to take a step back from it all.

What are some interesting dissertation topics in modern architecture?

Dissertation topics in modern architecture are hence a composite mix of myriad elements that can be considered under architecture. The following is a list of some interesting topics with a focus on modern architecture: The role of objectivity in modern architecture- a review.

What are the most important architecture topics for 2018?

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The 9 Architecture Topics You Need To Know About in 2018 1. Understanding how millennials occupy and use space. We know that the millennial generation goes against the current. 2. Architects facing the construction of their own work: the urgency of being on site. In 2017 we asked our readers if…

How to write an unusual architectural thesis topic?

Unusual architectural thesis topics require lots of research and analysis before starting. Therefore, it is essential to pick an area of study with a substantial amount of work already done. It will help you to easily analyze, compare, and draw conclusions. Balance It Between Art And Science

What are some good topics to talk about on social housing?

The following are some simple ideas that you can work with, in the event that you are allowed the freedom to choose your own topics: Discuss the changes that we have seen in the social housing architecture over the past decade Discuss the nature of middle class architecture and its place in modern society

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