What language does Hong Kong university use?

What language does Hong Kong university use?

Today, HKU has ten academic faculties with English as the main language of instruction.

Does the Chinese University of Hong Kong teach in English?

The university operates in both English and Chinese, although classes in most colleges are taught in English.

How much does it cost to study medicine in Hong Kong?

HKU Medicine: How much will it cost? Tuition fees at the University of Hong Kong will be HK$42,100 per year. HKU estimate that the cost of accommodation in Hong Kong per year is around HK$14,000 – 28,000, and living expenses total HK$40,000.

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Are HKU courses in English?

At HKU SPACE, we design and offer courses to meet your goals for General English, Business English and English for the Professions. These range from 30 hours to 90 hours and cover a broad spectrum of levels.

Is HKU’s medicine interview in Cantonese?

HKU’s medicine interview is in the form of 6 MMIs (Multiple Mini Interviews), one of which is in Cantonese. The prompt for this MMI will be in Chinese and you are allowed to respond in Canto, Mandarin or English – but if you do not respond in Canto, they will make a note of it. Why? Well no, but actually yes.

Why study medicine in Hong Kong?

As an aspiring medical student in Hong Kong, you have access to high-performing medical universities with world-class research, as well as the opportunity to study in one of the world’s most dynamic cities – all right on your doorstep! Sound exciting? Quiz: Would Studying Medicine Abroad Suit You?

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What are the HKDSE entry requirements to study medicine at HKU?

HKU also ask that you attain a Level 3 in two electives, one of which must be Chemistry or Combined Science, with Chemistry as one of the components. However, HKDSE entry requirements to study Medicine at the Chinese University of Hong Kong are slightly different: Chinese – Level 3 English – Level 4

How much does it cost to study in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong’s high-quality post-secondary education comes at a reasonable price. Annual tuition fees for non-local students for undergraduate programmes range from HK$120,000 – $162,000 (about US$15,400 – US$20,800). That’s cheaper than what you would pay at comparable institutions in the U.S. or U.K.