What is the problem in Nagaland?

What is the problem in Nagaland?

The ethnic conflict in Nagaland, in northeastern India, is an ongoing conflict fought between the ethnic Nagas and the governments of India and Myanmar. Nagaland inhabited by the Nagas is located at the tri-junction border of India on the West and South, north and Myanmar on the East.

What are the social issues found in Nagaland?

girls are whistled, molested, teased, harassed, asked sexual favors for job promotions… guys are beaten, denied rental houses, called less intelligent people, dogs meat, snakes, lizard eaters, denied career opportunities etc. In Nagaland…you’ll find none of those towards mainland Indians…

When Nagaland became a part of India?

December 1, 1963
Part of Assam at the time of Indian Independence in 1947, Nagaland became a full fledged State on December 1, 1963, as a result of a political settlement with special constitutional guarantees (under Article 371A) and placed under the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA).

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Who is the father of Nagaland?

Angami Zapu Phizo
Born Zapu Phizo 16 May 1913 Khonoma, Nagaland
Died 30 April 1990 (aged 76) Bromley, London, United Kingdom
Resting place A. Z. Phizo Memorial, Kohima, Nagaland
Known for Leader of Naga Nationalist Movement

Is Nagaland a state of diversity?

Nagaland is the clear winner on the diversity stakes on both the language and dialect axes, as the chart further demonstrates. Based on the 2011 census data, Nagaland effectively has 14 languages and 17 dialects with the largest language (Konyak) having only a 46\% share.

What are the diversity found in Nagaland?

The diversity of people and tribes, each with their own culture and heritage, creates a year-long atmosphere of celebrations.

  • Angami – Nagaland Tribe.
  • Ao – Nagaland Tribe.
  • Chakhesang – Nagaland Tribe.
  • Chang – Nagaland Tribe.
  • Kachari – Nagaland Tribe.
  • Khiamniungan – Nagaland Tribe.

Why is Nagaland famous for?

With a whopping number of different tribes and the cultural diversity that they bring, there is little wonder in the fact that Nagaland is famous as the ‘Land of Festivals’. With each tribe practising its own rituals and traditions, Nagaland is a state that has one major festival lined up for all months of a year.

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When did AZ Phizo died?

April 30, 1990
Angami Zapu Phizo/Date of death

Where did Naga came from?

Naga descend from Tibet-Myanmar ethnic races. Most live in India in Nagaland of northwest India in the states of Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh. Nagas are also found in Assam.