What is the pH level of HNO3?

What is the pH level of HNO3?

pH of Common Acids and Bases

Acid Name 100 mM
HNO3 nitric acid 1.08
H3PO4 orthophosphoric acid 1.63
H3AsO4 arsenic acid 1.70
H2SeO3 selenous acid 1.90

What is the pH of 10-8 M HCl?

The pH of 10-8 M of HCl is less than 7.

What is the pH of 10-8 M NaOH solution?

Explanation: This is a tiny concentration for NaOH so I would expect the pH to be close to 7 or slightly greater.

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What is the pH of 10 4 M HNO3?

The pH of 4.0 × 10^-4M HNO3 solution is ( log 2 = 0.3 )

How do you calculate pH from HNO3 molarity?

1) Determine the pH of a 0.00340 M HNO3 solution. pH = -log[H+] = -log(0.00340) = 2.47 2) Determine the pOH of a 0.00340 M HNO3 solution. 3) Determine the pH of a 4.30 x 10-4 M NaOH solution.

How do you find pH from HNO3?

Divide the number of moles of nitric acid with the volume of solution to obtain the molarity of nitric acid solution. From the concentration of nitric acid, calculate the concentration of hydrogen ions. Use the concentration of hydrogen ions to calculate the pH of the solution. Thus, the pH of the solution is 1.6021.

What is the pH of 10 10 HCl?

pH of Solution with Very Dilute Acid In this problem, a 10 – 10 M solution of HCl contributes 10 – 10 M [H +]. The ionization of water contributes 10 – 7 M [H +]. The effective [H +] of this solution is 10 – 7 M and the pH=7.

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What is the pH of a 10 6m NaOH solution?

between 7and8.

What will be the pH of 10 8 M h2so4?

So pH=-log(12*10^(-8)) = 6.92 (approx.)

What is the pH of 10 to the power minus 7 molar HCl?

Explanation: This is a very low concentration so we must take into account the dissociation of water rather than use 10−7 as the H+ concentration, which would give a pH of 7.

How can you tell the pH of a 70\% HNO3 solution?

Can’t really tell because the pH depends on the molarity or concentration of the solution: == FOR concentrated acid == For a 70\% solution of HNO3 at 1.513 g/ml density you have: 1 liter of 70\% HNO3 solution = 1513g. Out of that: 0.700 * 1513 = 1059.1 = grams of pure HNO3 per liter of 70\% solution.

What is the pH of 10-8 M HCl solution?

The pH of 10 −8 M HCl solution is: (1) 8 (2) 1 (3) Close to 7 (4) 0 Answer: (3) HCl is a strong acid. All acids have a pH in the acid range, that is to say below 7.

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What is the concentration of H+ ions in 16m HNO3?

Traditionally you can remember that 16M HNO3 is 68\% with a -1.2 pH. Nitric acid is a strong acid meaning it completely dissociates in water. Therefore, you can say that the concentration of H+ ions in solution is the same as the concentration of the acid (molar concentration).

What is the pH of NaOH in 12 M HCl?

All this having been said, a saturated solution of NaOH (a strong base) has a pH of about 15, and a 12 M HCL solution has a pH < -1, so pH values outside the range of 0-14 do occur. How do you calculate the pH of nitric acid?