What is the most advanced Starfleet ship?

What is the most advanced Starfleet ship?

U.S.S. The Sovereign-class Enterprise-E succeeds the Enterprise-D to become the most technologically-advanced starship produced by Starfleet. It can theoretically reach a warp speed of 9.995. Any doubts about its firepower are dismissed on one of its first missions when it’s able to destroy a Borg cube.

What is the biggest spaceship in science fiction?

A massive diagram of spaceship sizes. The humongous city destroyer ship from Independence Day appears to be the most massive, at about 15 miles in diameter, and it’s followed by titanic ships from the online multiplayer universe Eve, Warhammer, and Star Wars.

What is the most powerful starship?

The Invincible-class is the single largest multi-mission combat-equipped starship ever constructed by Starfleet. She is designed as the ultimate in front line explorers. She is classified as a Fleet Carrier-Command Battleship….Invincible class.

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Launched: 2384
Commissioned: 2385
Length: 1,607.2 meters

How many ships does Star Fleet have?

Roddenberry : “In addition to the twelve starships, there are lesser classes of vessels, capable of operating over much more limited distances.” No other vessels were considered to be Starships during TOS, even if they were interstellar vessels.

What is the fastest ship in Star Trek?

The Jellyfish is a Vulcan starship from the 24th century seen in Star Trek (2009). It comes with torpedo launchers and a warp drive, making it the fastest ship owned by the Vulcan Science Academy. However, its primary responsibility, and power, is its capability to store and transport red matter, a substance capable of forming a black hole. 36.

What is the largest ship in science fiction?

The Largest Ships in Science Fiction. The original USS Enterprise, the Galactica, and a Star Destroyer from Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, and Star Wars respectively. Pick your favorite science fiction television show or movie. Good, now go ahead and pick your favorite star ship or vessel from that TV show or movie.

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What happened to the V’Ger in Star Trek?

During this critical time, however, the starship was cut off from all communication with Starfleet. As V’ger entered the Sol system, the cloud surrounding it began to rapidly dissipate, and spherical energy “bolts” similar to those that had destroyed the Klingons and the Epsilon IX station, only vastly more powerful, were launched by the entity.

What are the most Cool Starships on Star Trek?

But what it’s also known for are the compelling themes of exploration of the unknown, and of course, the really cool starships that every fan has dreamed of taking to the stars at one time or another. Between Romulan Warbirds, Borg cubes, alien probes and planet-eating superweapons, there is no shortage of powerful and iconic ships on Star Trek.