What is the business model of GLG?

What is the business model of GLG?

The GLG business model is to provide an online forum to connect those with needs for specific information or technical understanding with the experts in the industry in question. The largest group of GLG customers are investors such as venture capitalists, asset managers, and their research staffs.

What makes GLG different?

What makes GLG different? GLG is the market leader and the gold standard of our industry. We operate with a deep sense of purpose, and from the belief that connecting professionals with experts puts the world’s knowledge to work in a way that leads to smarter, better outcomes for our clients and our communities.

What is GLG compliance framework?

Our Compliance Framework sets the standard for our industry by helping to protect our clients from being exposed to confidential information and helping Network Members engage on projects that are appropriate for them. Our clients recognize the tangible benefit our compliance procedures provide to their businesses.

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What is the GLG group?

Gerson Lehrman Group is an international consulting firm that matches freelancers with corporate clients who need expert advice. GLG is one of several firms that aim to match their clients with freelance experts.

How does glglg make money?

GLG makes money from several markets but their core business is investment firms (Hedge Funds, Mutual Funds, Private Equity and Venture Capital). They also derive meaningful revenue from Management Consulting firms who typically bill it back to their corporate customers.

Why connect with GLG?

Connect with the right subject-matter experts for your specific needs, in your timeframe. GLG works with more than 900,000 professionals across industry, role, and geography. GLG clients value our experts for their knowledge and insights, but also recognize and respect their limitations.

How did glglg help our client ensure its pricing structure remained competitive?

GLG sourced 300 enterprise IT executives to participate in a study that helped our client ensure that its pricing structure remained competitive while keeping customers happy. In May of 2018, production delays for Tesla’s Model 3, outstanding financial issues, and missed output timetables led to a downgrade of the company’s bonds.

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