What is the advantage of campus placement?

What is the advantage of campus placement?

Main advantage of campus placement is that it is possible for companies to select best, quality candidates within short time duration. Students can have the advantage of getting a reputed job even before completion of their academic course in college.

What do you do for campus placement?

Here are a few tips for aptitude preparations for placements.

  1. Solve random aptitude-based tasks constantly & consistently.
  2. Gather previous aptitude test papers & solve them to get hands-on experience.
  3. Talk to professionals/seniors in your domain & ask for relevant tips.
  4. Don’t shy away from taking feedback.
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Which is better on campus or off campus placement?

Off-Campus Placement: Unlike on-campus placements, grabbing a good job opportunity is comparatively more rigid during off-campus recruitment. Many people are applying for the same job with diverse skill sets. Factually, on-campus placements are more convenient when compared to off-campus placements.

What do you learn in placement?

Subject basics : Most important subjects that you must know for any company interview are undoubtedly data structures and algorithms.

  1. Data Structures.
  2. Algorithms.

Why is campus hiring important?

Campus placements are very important now-a-days. These placements help the students to get a platform for themselves and they don’t have to struggle themselves for the search of a job. Basically the placements are done so that a college can get its talented students placed in a good company with good post.

Why do companies choose to recruit from campus as compared to other recruitment sources?

Campus recruitment offers access to a high-energy group of candidates, at a lower cost, while giving the company the opportunity to create a long-term talent pipeline and build a brand identity with a new audience.

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How much CGPA is safe?

So at least 7.5 and above but better be above 8. Some specific companies do also ask for throughout the semester but that is majorly the case with non-software companies. Cutoff differs from company to company but to be on safe side retain your CGPA above 8-8.5 .

How do you teach students placement?

How does SITS Train its Students to Succeed in Campus Placement Interview?

  1. Aptitude Training.
  2. Mock Group Discussion.
  3. Technical Interview Practices.
  4. Mock Interviews.
  5. Aptitude Tests.
  6. Group Discussions.
  7. Interview Skills.
  8. Technical Round.

Why should I hire freshers?

Freshers are waiting for an opportunity to learn and grow. They are hardworking, driven and – since they’re fresh out of college – a lot more disciplined and receptive to training. This helps them learn quickly on the job.

What is the difference between off campus and on campus placements?

There is very simple and clear difference between off campus and on campus placement. ON Campus – These are organised by a particular college or university and in this a pre-defined group of colleges can participate.

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What is a placement cell in a college?

In this type, mostly a placement cell is responsible for arranging the placement drive in a college and then all the students eligible, belonging to the pre-defined limited colleges can appear for the selection therefore , a limited competition is there.

How many companies visited the campus during the placement drive?

Top recruiting companies like Service Now, Flipkart, HP Hyundai, Vodafone, KPMG, Naukri.com etc made the placement offers to the students. During the placement drive, more than 267 companies visited the campus to make the placement offers to the participating students.

How many companies visited KL University campus during placements 2021?

More than 267 companies visited the campus during KL University Placements 2021. Students are eligible to placements drive from 3-2 onwards.