What grade level is the GED equivalent to?

What grade level is the GED equivalent to?

The GED® (General Education Development) diploma is generally considered equal to a mid-level common high school diploma in terms of skills, basic information, work ethic, and so on.

What is the UK equivalent of a GED?

We have GCSEs that one sits when you are 16. If you achieve pass grades at C or above at the basics (Maths, English Lang, English Lit, Science subjects), that’s probably the equivalent to the GED.

Is a Level 3 diploma equivalent to A levels?

Universities typically regard the BTEC level 3 Extended Diploma as the equivalent to three A levels, the Diploma as equivalent to two A levels and the Extended Certificate as equivalent to one A level. So if you’re not taking the Extended Diploma you’ll need to plug the gap with one or more A levels.

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What are the benefits of obtaining a GED?

There are a lot of benefits for obtaining a GED. For starters, it can improve your job and income over a period, open the doors for more jobs (as more and more jobs are not hiring people without diplomas or GEDs ), give you job skills (such as better reading and comprehension skills, math skills), improve self-esteem, etc.

Is a GED higher than a high school diploma?

A high school diploma is not necessarily better than a GED, though it varies. In order for students to pass the GED, they have to understand the same material as a student who is taking classes to receive a high school diploma.

What is the difference between a high school diploma and a GED?

Another key difference between a GED and a high school diploma is the time it takes to complete. For a high school diploma, a student may need to invest as much as four years, although many people manage to complete high school in as little as three years. A GED is a 7 hour test on five subject areas. The GED is graded in an interesting way.

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Why to get a GED?

And because the GED is the national standard for high schools in the United States, employers may see that person to be hardworking and driven. Not only will employers take a GED or high school graduate over a person who did not complete an education, but you’d get paid a lot more as well.