What does fly the coop mean?

What does fly the coop mean?

Definition of fly the coop informal. 1 : to leave suddenly or secretly : to escape or go away In the morning the suspect had flown the coop. 2 : to leave home All their children have flown the coop.

Where did the phrase fly the coop come from?

The expression fly the coop is based on the image of a chicken flying out of its pen; however, coop was a slang term for jail in the 1800s. The first uses of the term fly the coop appear around the turn of the twentieth century and are used in reference to someone escaping from jail.

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Who flew the coop?

Definition of ‘to fly the coop’ If you say that someone has flown the coop, you mean that they have left a place or situation that limits their freedom. a family whose children have grown up and flown the coop.

What’s the meaning of fly the nest?

phrase. DEFINITIONS1. to move away from your parents’ home because you are an adult. All their children have flown the nest.

What does fly into rage mean?

Definition of fly into a rage : to suddenly become extremely angry.

What is black look?

phrase. If someone gives you a black look, they look at you in a way that shows that they are very angry about something. Passing my stall, she cast black looks at the amount of stuff still unsold.

Is it chicken coop or coup?

When the word coup is used on the nightly news, it’s usually describing a military government takeover. However you use the word coup, don’t say the “p” at the end. It’s not pronounced like chicken coop. It sounds more like a dove’s coo.

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What does living high life mean?

singular noun [also no det] You use the high life to refer to an exciting and luxurious way of living that involves a great deal of entertainment, going to parties, and eating good food.

Where did the expression fly the coop come from?

This expression, with its analogy to barnyard fowl escaping from a chicken coop or other enclosure, is American in origin and dates from about 1900. “On the third day I flew the coop,” wrote O. Henry (The Enchanted Profile, 1909).

Who is the man accused of flying the coop?

Sombero is but the latest high-profile suspect to fly the coop; earlier there was the alleged drug lord Peter Lim, and then Jack Lam, who is accused of illegal online gambling and human trafficking activities. The Rovers manager dismissed rumours the chicken-breeding Rao family would fly the coop at the first sign of trouble.

What does it mean to fly the coup?

The Oxford Dictionary defines it as to make one’s escape. However, in an analogy to chickens flying out of their cage, it is used to say that someone physically removes himself/herself from a situation. , Interested in Etymology. Originally Answered: What does it mean to “fly the coup”?

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What does “round up the chicken coop” mean?

It’s a reference to the chicken coop on farms. Chickens would sometimes leave or flee/‘fly’ their coop (note: Chickens don’t really fly) and need to be rounded up. It’s an idiom for those who leave whatever fold they are in or problems that all seem to break loose at once. Thanks for the A2A.