What country will have the highest GDP in 2050?

What country will have the highest GDP in 2050?

This statistic shows the projected top ten largest national economies in 2050. By 2050, China is forecasted to have a gross domestic product of over 58 trillion U.S. dollars….

Characteristic GDP in billion 2016 U.S. dollars

Which country is projected to be the most popular in 2050?

Within just seven years, India is expected to overtake China to become the world’s most populous nation. Nigeria is posting the fastest population growth and its population is expected to surpass the United States by 2050 making it the third most populous country.

What country has the best future?

The 2021 rankings placed Singapore in fourth ahead of South Korea; while the United States ranked sixth, and Australia seventh….World’s Most Forward-Thinking Countries, 2021.

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Rank Country Score
1 United Kingdom 72.15
2 Japan 67.22
3 Germany 65.15
4 Singapore 64.32

Which country will have the largest economy by 2050?

World Economies Projected to Be the Largest By 2050. By 2050, China will surpass the US have the largest economy in the world. China is expected to have the largest economy by 2050.

Will India become the world’s most populous country by 2050?

In addition to becoming one of the world’s super-economies, India is also poised to become the most populous country on earth by 2050, overtaking China with a projected 1.6 billion people.

Will China’s GDP be bigger than the US’ by 2050?

1- China ($58.499 trillion) By 2050, China will not only have overtaken the US, but its economy will be much, much bigger than the US. According to the PwC report, its GDP will stand at around $58.5 trillion compared to the US’ $34.1 trillion.

What will be the GDP of Indonesia in 2050?

The GDP of this country is approximated to be growing at an annual rate of about 5\%. This growth will put this country in the scales of the world most strong economies by 2050; Indonesia will be the fourth largest economy by 2050 with a GDP of $7,275 billion USD.

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