Is SGPT 89 normal?

Is SGPT 89 normal?

The SGPT normal range is about 7 to 56 units per liter of blood serum. Thus, very high level of SGPT in the blood can be an indication of damage or problems related to the liver.

Is SGOT 89 normal?

The normal range of an SGOT test is generally between 8 and 45 units per liter of serum. In general, men may naturally have higher amounts of AST in the blood. A score above 50 for men and 45 for women is high and may indicate damage.

What should I eat if my SGPT is high?

Increase Vitamin D in your diet: Vitamin D helps in preventing damage to your liver and reducing SGPT levels. Oranges, soy milk, mushrooms, apples, eggs, fortified cereals, tofu, dairy products, cod liver oil, oysters and green leafy vegetables are good sources of vitamin D.

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How do I Know my SGPT/SGOT levels?

Liver dysfunctions and SGPT/SGOT levels do not always show symptoms, so till the time you get to know about any damage to your liver, it’s already too late. It results in high treatment costs and in many cases life-fatalities. You can know your SGPT/SGOT levels with Indus’ Full Body Checkup that includes these tests.

What is the SGPT level for liver disease?

An SGPT test is needed on a regular basis to keep the liver in a healthy state. We know the following with a SGPT Blood Test: The normal SGPT level is about 7 to 56 units per liter of serum, which might vary according to the techniques used by different laboratories.

What is the significance of SGPT blood test?

The liver is considered to be ill-functioned if the level of SGPT is high. These changed levels can be checked with SGPT blood test. On the basis of the results of this test, the future corrective action can be planned by a doctor. What is SGPT Blood Test?

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What to do if your SGPT level is high?

The signs and symptoms of high SGPT level may not be noticeable immediately and hence, it is always better to have a preventive approach rather than taking action after the high-level findings. You can get the SGPT blood test done in a renowned hospital where it is a part of preventive health checkups.