Is one Test series enough for UPSC Prelims?

Is one Test series enough for UPSC Prelims?

If you are starting one year before prelims, you must read basic books such as NCERT etc to get the depth needed to clear this exam. Relying on ONLY test series must be the last resort.

How many exams are there in UPSC mains?

nine papers
There are a total of nine papers in the UPSC Mains Exam including two language papers that are qualifying in nature, one essay paper, four General Studies papers, and two optional papers.

How many exams are there in UPSC Prelims?

two papers
UPSC CSE Prelims consists of two papers namely General Studies I and CSAT (General Studies Paper-II). While CSAT is qualifying in nature, the marks obtained in the General Studies paper determine your selection for UPSC Mains. It means your score in the General Studies Paper will be considered for the Prelims cutoff.

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How can I start preparing for prelims?

How should you start IAS preparation?

  1. Step 1: Join ClearIAS Online Classroom Program (ClearIAS Classes)
  2. Step 2: Prepare Notes based on ClearIAS Classes.
  3. Step 3: Self-Study (Learn ClearIAS Notes, NCERT Textbooks and Standard Textbooks)
  4. Step 4: Take ClearIAS Prelims Online Mock Exams.
  5. Step 5: Take ClearIAS Mains Mock Exams.

How many questions attempt in prelims?

How Many Questions to Attempt in UPSC Prelims Paper 1? There will be 100 questions in total so try to aim at solving around 75-85 questions correctly and later on solve 10-15 questions which you know the answer partially. There is no compulsion to answer all the 100 questions.

Is it necessary to join multiple prelims Test series for UPSC?

Test series is necessary but not a sufficient option. One should spend sufficient time in reading and practice writing as well. So instead of joining multiple prelims test series, join just one (or two if you are confident that you can manage plus one gets to face questions set with diverse approaches).

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How many marks are required to pass the UPSC Mains Exam?

The UPSC mains is worth 1750 points. And last years cut off for general was 774. There are nine papers and each paper is worth 250 points. Logically speaking, you need to score at least 200 marks in each paper to be able to reach the cut-off.

How important are mocks in the UPSC entrance exam?

Mock tests are very important. Not only the mock test even the mock interviews before or the examination are also very important. If you talk about the mock test it’s just a if you talk about the mock test it’s just a replica of the real time UPSC examination. I suggest you to go for a full length co

How do I prepare for the UPSC prelims with mocks?

Mock tests are very crucial part of prelims preparation. It not only makes you solve 100 questions in one sitting but also acts as a source of preparation. Evaluating the mocks in correct manner is important to get most out of it. Firstly, try solving entire paper in one sitting in about 1.5–2hr time. Evaluation may take additional 1.5–2hr.

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