Is Guru Jambheshwar a government?

Is Guru Jambheshwar a government?

It is named after Guru Jambheshwar Ji Maharaj, a saint environmentalist of the 15th century….Guru Jambheshwar University of Science and Technology.

Type Public
Established 1995
Chancellor Governor of Haryana
Vice-Chancellor Baldev Raj Kamboj
Location Hisar , Haryana , India29.10°N 75.45°ECoordinates:29.10°N 75.45°E

Is Bishnoi a Brahmin?

The preaching of Guru Jambhoji inspires his followers as well as the environmental protectors. Bishnoi Community consist of people from all the North Indian castes but most of the Bishnois are from Jat and Rajput castes of Rajasthan….Bishnoi.

Region Western India
Population Around 10,00,000

When was Jambheshwar Bhagwan born?

Guru Jambheshwar, also known as Guru Jambhaji, (1451-1536) was the founder of the Bishnoi Panth. He taught that God is a divine power that is everywhere….

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Guru Jambheshwar
Born 1451 Pipasar (Rajasthan)
Died 1536 Mukam (Rajasthan)
Parents Lohat Ji Panwar (father) Hansa Kanwar Devi(Kesar) (mother)

Is Bishnoi general or OBC?


Bishnois performing haven with kopra and ghee at Khejarli Environment Fair.
Classification Sub sect of Vaishnavism and a caste acc to the Indian Constitution
Guru Guru Jambheshwar

How is Guru Jambheshwar University of Science and Technology?

about college. Guru Jambheshwar University of Science and Technology (GJUS) Hisar was established in 1995 with an objective to facilitate and promote studies and research in emerging areas of higher education. The privately funded university is accreditation by National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) by ‘A’ grade.

What is the difference between CGC Landran and Guru Jambheshwar University?

Hostels and catering services are not up to that required level in both the Colleges. Placements: The highest package in CGC Landran was 35 LPA whereas in Guru Jambheshwar University was 6 LPA. But the latter had a better average package of 5 LPA as compared to 3.5 LPA of CGC Landran.

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How are the placement activities handled in the University?

The Placement activities are handled by the Placement Cell, which includes final year students from different departments under the guidance of Director, Placement. Every Department has a T&P Committee, consisting of Chairman of the department, a teacher as T&P advisor and 2-3 students volunteers. There is one T&P council headed by Vice-Chancellor.

Which is easier to get into CGC Landran or GJU Hisar?

The cut-off for the same year at CGC Landran was 6,87,300 rank for all India general category students and 10,90,000 for home state students. Hence, getting admission into CGC Landran is much easier as compared to GJU Hisar.