Is Geography good for IAS?

Is Geography good for IAS?

Even in the UPSC personality test, Geography will be useful as the board can ask questions on the local geography of a candidate’s home town like soil, vegetation, minerals, etc. Geography is a scoring subject because unlike humanities subjects, there is not much scope for interpretation.

How can I study geography optional for UPSC Quora?

If you are a fresher then go through NCERT books of geography from class 8th to class 12th at least 2–3 times, then go through G C Leong- A certificate in physical geography. This will lay solid foundation for geography optional.

How do you make an online note?

Here are some tips on taking effective notes during class:

  1. Focus on emphasized points. Resist the urge to take down everything.
  2. Annotate your notes.
  3. Use strategies to keep up with what’s being said.
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How can make Upsc notes online?

How to Make Notes for UPSC?

  1. Read Your Textbooks.
  2. Make Bullet Points.
  3. Get Digital.
  4. Loose Sheets for IAS Preparation Notes.
  5. Use Current Affairs as a Part of Your Note-Making.
  6. Make Flowcharts or Hierarchy Charts.
  7. Keep Updating Your Notes.
  8. Divide Your Note Making Task with Your Friends.

Are there any resources available for geography optional?

there are lot of resources available for geography optional both in terms of notes and videos. You can go through the following for the notes, they have consolidated all the notes at one place. For Video, you can check for mrunal site.

Where can I prepare for geography optional of UPSC?

There are many good sources from where you can prepare for geography optional of UPSC but Ajay Raj Singh Sir’s coaching is the best, most reasonable, comprehensible and reliable source to prepare for UPSC examinations. He provides various types of courses for geography optional like online, offline and pen drive courses.

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Should I take geography as an optional in the IAS MAINS exam?

There are many benefits of taking geography as an optional in the civil services mains exam like overlap, scientific nature of the subject, etc. There are also a few hiccups such as the rather vast syllabus. In this section, we discuss the pros and cons of the Geography optional in the IAS mains exam.

How to prepare for geography for a level?

Notes are very important during preparation, particularly when you are tackling a vast subject like geography. Make sure you make notes only for those topics for which textbooks do not provide readable content. Otherwise, it would be a waste of time. Do not make notes for every topic.