How old is Ila Arun?

How old is Ila Arun?

67 years (March 15, 1954)
Ila Arun/Age

Where is Ila Arun from?

Jodhpur, India
Ila Arun/Place of birth

Is Ila Arun married?

Arun Bajpai
Ila Arun/Spouse

How old is Lillete Dubey?

68 years (September 7, 1953)
Lillete Dubey/Age

Are Ravi and Ira Dubey related?

Ira Dubey (born 1 August 1984) is an Indian actress who has appeared on TV, in theatre and in Bollywood films….

Ira Dubey
Parent(s) Ravi and Lillete Dubey
Relatives Neha Dubey (sister) Lushin Dubey (aunt)

Who is the wife of Ravi Dubey?

Sargun Mehtam. 2013
Ravi Dubey/Wife

Actors Ravi Dubey and Sargun Mehta have been married for eight years. Actors Ravi Dubey and Sargun Mehta, who are happily married for eight years now, continue to set couple goals on social media for their fans.

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Who is Ira Dubey mother?

Lillete Dubey
Ira Dubey/Mothers
Biography. Dubey was born in Delhi, India, to former senior vice-president of corporate communications in the Tata Group, Ravi Dubey and Lillete Dubey, an actress. She has one sister, Neha.

Who is Ira Dubey married to?

Lillete Dubey
Born Lillete Keswani 7 September 1953 Pune, Bombay State, India
Occupation Actress, director
Spouse(s) Ravi Dubey ​ ​ ( m. 1978; died 2015)​
Children Neha Dubey Ira Dubey

What is the real name of Siddharth in King of Hearts?

King of heart Season 1 The plot concerns the differences between a mother, Durga Devi Patel “DD” (Achint Kaur), and a daughter, Roshni Patel (Nia Sharma), and how Roshni’s love interest, Siddharth “Sid” Khurana (Ravi Dubey), comes into their lives and changes things.

Who is Ravi brother?

Ravi, who has always backed his brother Abhijeet, has yet again come to his support before the finale. “We have absolutely no fears now.

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What is the age of Ravi Dubey?

37 years (December 23, 1983)
Ravi Dubey/Age

Is Roshni and Siddharth married?

ong>New Delhi : Zee TV’s serial, Jamai Raja will take a new turn now. Roshni, the ladylove of siddharth in the show gets married. Yess guys, you read it correctly, Roshni aka Nia Sharma, will be finally married now and that too for the 7th time.