How many GMC registered doctors in UK?

How many GMC registered doctors in UK?

349,482 doctors
About the medical register You can search the registration status of all 349,482 doctors in the UK.

How many doctors are registered with GMC?

Of the 300,040 doctors now currently on our register, 95,850 are on the Specialist Register and 70,154 are on the GP Register.

How many Indian doctors are in the UK?

2013 Clinical skills assessment. In 2008, BAPIO estimated that there were around 40,000 doctors of Indian origin working in the National Health Service. They estimated that the intake in UK Medical Schools of Indian origin students was about 20\%.

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Where is the GMC based?

General Medical Council

Formation 1858
Headquarters Regent’s Place 350 Euston Road London NW1 3JN
Region United Kingdom
Staff 1,236 (2018)

Is GMC part of NHS?

The General Medical Council (GMC) is a public body that maintains the official register of medical practitioners within the United Kingdom….General Medical Council.

Formation 1858
Staff 1,236 (2018)

Is the GMC a regulatory body?

The General Medical Council regulates doctors in the United Kingdom. They set standards, hold a register, quality assure education and investigate complaints.

How many British still live in India?

Anglo-Indian is a term used to describe two different groups of people: those with mixed Indian and British ancestry, and people of British descent born or residing in India….Anglo-Indian.

Total population
Bangladesh 200,000
India 125,000 – 150,000
United Kingdom 86,000
Australia 22,000

How much do doctors earn a year UK?

A doctor in specialist training starts on a basic salary of £37,935 and progresses to £48,075. Salaried general practitioners (GPs) earn £58,808 to £88,744 depending on the length of service and experience. GP partners are self-employed and receive a share of profits of the business.

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When did Asian doctors first come to the UK?

Although the greatest immigration of Asian doctors occurred after the creation of the NHS in 1948, it is worth highlighting very briefly the period before the creation of the NHS and the contributions that some Asian doctors made to British medicine.

Are overseas doctors the new face of the General Medical Council?

And, not surprisingly, we are encountering the same problems again — overseas qualified doctors now constitute nearly 60\% of new registrations with the General Medical Council (GMC) 4 — and the medical press is full of stories about the plight of these doctors.

How many doctors are there on the UK medical register?

There are more than 348,000 doctors on the UK medical register. We check every doctor’s identity and qualifications before they are able to join the register. We also contact a doctor’s previous employers to find out if they have any concerns about the doctor’s ability to practise safely. How we manage the medical register.

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How many bodies regulate the medical profession in the UK?

Before we were formed under the Medical Act, there were 19 bodies regulating the UK medical profession. And all these bodies used different tests for competence. Even the Archbishop of Canterbury had a right to issue a licence to practise. Well, in theory anyway.