How do I close a Salesforce case?

How do I close a Salesforce case?

To close a case, follow these steps: On the case record, click the Close Case button. The Close Case Edit page appears. Alternatively, if article submissions are enabled in your organization and you want to capture the solution that helped you close the case, click the Save & Create Article button.

Why can’t I close a case in Salesforce?

How: To show closed statuses in the Case Status Field picklist, go to Support Settings and select Show Closed Statuses in Case Status Field. To hide closed statuses, deselect Show Closed Statuses in Case Status Field. By default, the setting is disabled, so closed statuses are hidden.

What should happen to a case once it is closed in Salesforce?

After you solve a customer’s case, you can close it from a few locations and create a solution or article to help solve similar cases. Find an article or solution that answers the customer’s question. When you delete a case, all related events and tasks, case comments, and attachments also are deleted.

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What is case close page layout Salesforce?

The Close Case page layout is used when you have an open case and use the ‘Close Case’ button. It provides a short set of required fields you want your users to provide when the case is being closed. There is no requirement that you use this page layout though.

What is the meaning of Case Closed?

Filters. Used other than figuratively or idiomatically: A case is closed ; specifically, a police investigation or similar is resolved . phrase. Expressing finality , that that preceding material is meant as final , not subject to amendation or variation .

What does it mean to close a case?

It means that the detective is going to complete the investigation. He can do so with or without charges being filed.

How do you put the Close Case button on lightning?

Add a Close Case button in Lightning

  1. Go to Setup -> Object Manager -> Case object -> Button, Links, and Actions -> Click New Action.
  2. For Action Type, select Update a Record ,
  3. After clicking the Save button, create a Predefined Field Value and select Closed.
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How do I close multiple cases in Salesforce lightning?

Create New Action Click the New Action button, enter/select the following values: Add the custom field for reason and remove all other fields, make the field as required if necessary.

What is case page layout in Salesforce?

When support agents work with cases in Case Feed, they use the case page layout. To specify the fields, tools, and functionality that support agents see when working with open cases, customize the feed view, detail view, highlights panel in the case page. You also can customize the close case page layout.

How do I hide case status fields in Salesforce?

To change that profiles field visibility, simply click on their current status. That’ll land you on the page displays that profile’s current field-level security (and below that page layout, but ignore the page layout section here). Uncheck “Visible” on the field you’re trying to hide.

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How to build close case button in Salesforce lightning experience?

Step 1 – Let’s get started with our First Step in order to build Close Case Button. Go to Salesforce Setup => Object Manager => Case => Click on Close Case Page Layouts (In Lightning Experience, In classic Setup => Case => Close Case Page Layout).

How do I Close a case page in Salesforce?

Go to Salesforce Setup => Object Manager => Case => Click on Close Case Page Layouts (In Lightning Experience, In classic Setup => Case => Close Case Page Layout). Take a note of all the fields present on the Layout and keep the layout as a reference to build your own Close Case Page.

How to add more fields to a close case page?

Similarly, Create another FieldSet if you another section on your Close Case Layout. FieldSets will help you to manage this Close Case functionality without changing a single line of code. In the future, if you want to add more fields in your close case page, you will just have to add that field in the FieldSet.