How can we solve the problem of unemployment in Nigeria?

How can we solve the problem of unemployment in Nigeria?

Solutions to Unemployment In Nigeria

  1. Achieving Industrialization.
  2. Making Agriculture More Attractive.
  3. Provision of Social Amenities to Rural Areas.
  4. Good Development Plans.
  5. Encouraging Geographical Mobility of Labour.
  6. Restructuring Our Educational System.
  7. Population Control.

What are the solutions to the problems of unemployment?

Solutions for Unemployment

  • Better education.
  • Motivation programs.
  • Programs against drug addiction and homelessness.
  • Fight discrimination.
  • Support programs for mental issues.
  • Subsidies for companies how are reintegrating unemployed persons.
  • Fiscal and monetary measures in a financial crisis situation.

What are the steps taken by the government to reduce unemployment?

Initiatives by the government to solve the problem of unemployment:

  • 1 Integrated Rural Development Programme (IRDP)
  • Training for Self–Employment:
  • Jawahar Rozgar Yojana:
  • Nehru Rozgar Yojana (NRY):
  • The Swaran Jayanti Rozgar Yojana:
  • Drought Prone Area Programme:
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How agriculture can solve the problem of unemployment in Nigeria?

Agriculture has the potential to reduce the high rate of poverty and unemployment in the country by providing employment to millions of Nigerians across the agriculture value chain, from production to consumption. Take cassava processing as a singular example. Cassava, just like yam, is a root and tuber crop.

What are the evils of unemployment?

Many social evils like dishonesty, gambling and immorality etc. arise due to unemployment. It endangers law and order situation of the country. It causes social disruption in the society.

How can we tackle the problem of unemployment in semi urban areas?

1. Invest in industries that employ a large number of people. 2. Improve the transportation sector so that people can be employed to work in this industry.

What different strategies should be made by the government to solve the problem of unemployment in India?

Free and mandatory education system at the school level for all the students. Easy and interest free loan to the citizens for establishing small scale industries. This will also help the other households and local public to get earning opportunities. National Rural Employment Guarantee Act.

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How does unemployment affect our country?

Unemployment has costs to a society that are more than just financial. Unemployed individuals not only lose income but also face challenges to their physical and mental health. Societal costs of high unemployment include higher crime and a reduced rate of volunteerism.

What is the main causes of unemployment?

The following are the main causes of unemployment:

  • (i) Caste System:
  • (ii) Slow Economic Growth:
  • (iii) Increase in Population:
  • (iv) Agriculture is a Seasonal Occupation:
  • (v) Joint Family System:
  • (vi) Fall of Cottage and Small industries:
  • (vii) Slow Growth of Industrialisation:
  • (ix) Causes of Under Employment:

How can unemployment be tackled in semi rural areas suggest any three ways?

1.By starting their own business which rural area lacking in. 2.By creating some employment with the help of urban area’s facilities. 3. Teach the students of your area so that they could be self independent.

Is unemployment a big problem in Nigeria?

Unemployment is a huge problem all over the world, but it is worse in Nigeria with a very large youth population. The problem is to prove that the economic policies have not been successful. This article will give you 10 ways to reduce unemployment in Nigeria. The question is, how do we ways to solve the unemployment problem in Nigeria?

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What are the effects of road construction on employment in Nigeria?

The effect, repairing a road, will have on employment is that many laborers will get a job. The second is that the job increases hired workers purchasing power. The third is that people will patronize any support businesses, set up near any of the projects sites. 4. Agric Sector Reform Agriculture is the second largest employer of labor in Nigeria.

What are the causes of unemployment in the construction industry?

READ ALSO: How to tackle construction skills gap through entrepreneurship This type of unemployment is caused by industrial friction. There are jobs but people can’t fill them because they don’t have the skills or are unaware of the existence of the jobs.