How are hostel rooms at IIT KGP?

How are hostel rooms at IIT KGP?

IIT Kharagpur hostels are fully wifi enabled to provide free-of-cost internet with amazing speed. Amenities such as fans, bulbs, washing machines, and other cleaning facilities. Each hall of residence has its own attached mess. The hostels provide easy access to the academic blocks of the IIT KGP campus.

What are coed hostels?

Especially when taken in context of institutes where the gender ratio is skewed in a particular direction, introducing the concept of co-ed hostels, where there are no restrictions on different genders being in the same living area, brings a student into contact with a lot more people.

How is the hostel life at IIT Kharagpur?

Although IIT Kharagpur is the oldest of all the IITs, the hostels do provide a bunch of facilities to keep the boarder engrossed throughout his / her stay here. Firstly, at KGP, we call them as “Hall of Residences” not just “hostels” because it has much more to provide than simply a room with some facilities.

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What are the facilities on the IIT campus?

Details of the IIT campus facilities are given below. Hostel Facilities: IIT has are 22 halls of residences out of which 15 for boys, 5 for girls, and 2 general hostels around the campus. A high-speed LAN is provided in every room along with Wi-Fi. Hostel facilities include a common room, gym, basketball court & badminton court.

How is life at Azad Hall at IIT Kharagpur?

Having started ‘Illumination’ at IIT Kharagpur, life at Azad is always full of excitement and one could always count on a few incorrigible nutcases to spice up the lives of the hall residents. Nehru: Located in a corner of the so-called PAN loop, Nehru Hall is the second oldest hall of residence.

How many hostels are there in IIT Bombay?

Around 20+ hostels, with good cleanliness, good internet connection, but no coolers/AC allowed. Hostel fees is around 15k per semester including mess fees. Food quality okay, varies from hostel to hostel. No student allowed to live outside campus. Quality of classrooms and labs is also good and developments are also being made. There 18 Hostels.

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