Can you get into Princeton with a GED?

Can you get into Princeton with a GED?

Princeton is one of a top handful of universities in the world. It is hard to imagine how someone with a GED would qualify unless they were literally raised by wolves and fluent in their lupine language. Yes, it’s possible. That’s what most homeschool students apply with – with GED.

Does NYU accept GED?

NYU considers the following documents to serve as proof of secondary school graduation: A final high school transcript submitted directly from the student’s school. We will not accept a high school transcript submitted by the student. Students may submit GED results in lieu of a final high school transcript.

Can homeschoolers go to Ivy League schools?

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Can homeschoolers get into Ivy League colleges? Yes, but as for all students it is very competitive. Students who want to be successful in highly selective admissions are advised to start early and carefully build their academic profile during the high school years.

Does having a GED disqualify you from Ivy League schools?

Yes. The truth of the matter is that Ivy League schools are looking for people, not statistics (to an extent). They want brilliance, not a diploma. If you have a GED, that does nothing to disqualify you.

What does it take to get into Ivy League schools?

The acceptance rates for the top US schools fall between 5 – 20\%. In the initial screening, the admission committee spends roughly 2 minutes to accept or reject an applicant. So, what does it take to get into Ivy League schools like Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Columbia, Princeton & Co.?

Is a GED enough to get into college?

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The answer is yes, but a GED alone is not likely to be enough. Of my four kids, so far three have graduated (homeschool high school) and did not have any official high school diploma. Two got in to Ivy League universities and one got in to USNA. So, the high school diploma is not critical for competitive college admissions.

How can I improve my child’s chances of getting into Ivy League?

If your child’s grades fall within this Ivy-definition of average, there are ways they can improve their Ivy League admissions odds. Apply to less-selective Ivy League schools. Cornell has the highest acceptance rate, which is still competitive at 10.6\%.