Can a SIM card be locked to a specific phone?

Can a SIM card be locked to a specific phone?

Locked SIM Cards Unless you specifically purchased an unlocked phone, your phone is likely to have a SIM lock on it. This feature prevents you from taking a particular provider’s phone and using it on another network. However, most devices can be unlocked using a SIM unlock procedure.

What is a SIM lock number?

GSM phones can be “locked”, that is made to accept only SIM cards belonging to a specific network. Unlocking the phone can be done by entering a special code which is generated based on the phone’s unique IMEI number. …

What does it mean when a phone is locked to a certain carrier?

Many phones sold by carriers come “locked” to that carrier. A “locked” phone can only be used with that carrier; it cannot be used with another carrier’s service. This lock is like a typical “password”, to prevent someone other than the owner from using the phone.

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Can Android phones be locked to a network?

Locked Android Phone: Android Phones that are sold by Carriers are generally locked to the network of the Carrier and cannot be used on any other network. Most Locked Android phones are sold with a network plan and are generally locked for a period of 18 to 24 months.

Can I use the same SIM card on two different phones?

You can not use same sim number on two mobile simultaneously. As when you register on gsm or cdma network with sim card. You can not register with same sim card number on same gsm network. Sim card is used to get network.

How do I lock my SIM card?

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Tap on the More tab.
  3. Tap Security.
  4. Tap Set up SIM card lock.
  5. Tap Lock SIM card (Figure A)
  6. Enter the default SIM PIN.
  7. Tap OK.

What is SIM locked feature?

(Subscriber Identity Module lock) A function in GSM cellphones that restricts the phone’s use to a particular cellular carrier identified by a SIM card. SIM locks are used to ensure subscribers finish their service contracts. If the contract period is over, the phone may be unlocked by entering a code from the carrier.

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Can you unlock a locked phone?

When a handset is locked it means it will only work with the provider from whom you bought it. If your phone is locked it won’t automatically become unlocked when your contract expires with your provider. You’ll have to specifically ask your carrier to unlock it. We’ll explain how it works in due course.