Who can participate in Global Game Jam?

Who can participate in Global Game Jam?

Who can participate in Global Game Jam? Anyone can participate, as long as they are over the age of majority in the country hosting the jam (in most places this is 18, but check with your local site if you are not sure). Underage jammers can also participate if they are accompanied by a legal guardian.

Should I participate in game jams?

Participating in game jams will improve the speed at which you do things. Making prototypes, you will also find a lot of tools and tricks that you can use on later prototypes or full games because you already tried them and know what they are best suited for.

How does game jam work?

A game jam is an event where participants try to make a video game as quickly as possible. Most game jams take place over a single weekend, where everyone has 48 hours to try to make a game often based on a secret theme that is either voted upon or chosen by the organisers. The real “prize” is your finished game.

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How old do you have to be to enter a game jam?

How old must I be to participate in a Game Jam? There’s no age restriction for participating in any of our Game Jams. But if you’re below 18 years of age and plan on attending one of our Game Jams, we require the consent of your parent/ legal guardian to participate.

Why are game jams important?

“Game jams provide a space where people can get together and be creative. It allows focus on a project, socialising, safety to practice creative ideas and fun for a weekend! Creating my own jam allows me to come up with the theme and general idea to inspire others.”

Why do games jam?

Game Jams are events where developers make a game inspired by a specific theme in a limited time. The Core Games Student Hackathon lasts for three weeks and includes students from all over the world. Some jams are for bragging rights, and some for prizes.

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What happens if you win game jam?

Game jamming as an exercise. A game jam is an event, wherein participants have a short time, in this case 48 hours, to make a full game within a theme. After the time is up, a winner is declared. In game jams, you are expected to fail in some way or another.

How do I submit a game to game jam?

Starts here6:11Guide to itch io game jam submissions – YouTubeYouTube

How do you start a game jam?

Starts here9:01HOW TO GAME JAM! – YouTubeYouTube

What happens if you win a game jam?

How to come up with game ideas for a game jam?

Coming up with ideas when you are on a tight schedule can be hard. But the thing is that you need to be able to complete it during the game jam and still have time for polish. In a lot of cases, it must fit the theme as well. A lot of game jams have a rule that your game should fit into a theme that is revealed when the event starts.

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Do I need a team to come to Global Game Jam?

No, Global Game Jam encourages innovation, collaboration and creativity. We find competition often diminishes collaboration and sense of community at a jam. Do I need to come to the event with a team already formed? There is no need to come to the Jam with a team.

Can I make a game during the GGJ?

Experience is not necessary. Designers, developers, artists, musicians, knitters, gardeners, architects and anyone is welcome to try their hand at making a game during the GGJ. You can lean many new skills and support your team by contributing ideas, playtesting, and giving moral support.

How to come up with a good theme for a game?

You should look for something else. To get better at coming up with ideas during game jams, you can do brainstorming sessions. So just pick a random theme (for example from a past Ludum Dare or using Game Jam Theme Generator) and go at it.