Which MBA is good for architects?

Which MBA is good for architects?

MBA after Architecture: Specializations. MBA in Construction Project Management. MBA in Real Estate and Urban Infrastructure. MBA in Construction Economics and Quantity Surveying.

Which masters in architecture is best?

Best Architecture Masters According to the BAM Ranking

  • Harvard | Master in Architecture II.
  • Columbia | Master of Science Degree in Advanced Architectural Design.
  • TU Delft | The Berlage Post-master in Architecture and Urban Design.

What are the IIM placements for MBA in 2021?

The detailed IIM placements reports 2021 of the IIMs have been released. Read below all about IIM placements. The PGP/MBA graduates are offered various managerial roles in different sectors and domains. Function-wise most of the offers are made for positions such as Consultant and Managers.

How to make your profile stand out in an IIM?

Make your profile stand out. Reading at a stretch: Each day at an IIM, you’ll be required to read and prepare 3-4 business cases. Each case stretches up to 15-20 pages. So, slow-reading won’t work anymore. You’ll have to develop a habit of reading more books and editorials before your joining.

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Does IIM Ahmedabad have 100\% placements for all students?

A: Yes, the IIMs over the years have recorded 100 per cent placements for all students except for those who opt out of the campus placement process to launch their own ventures. Q: What is the highest CTC offered at IIM Ahmedabad? A: The highest CTC offered in IIM Ahmedabad placements for 2017-2019 MBA batch was Rs 70 lakh per annum.

How to prepare for IIM-B in two years?

Academic Concepts: Some concepts like regression, correlation, various statistic tests, distribution and financial accounting are extremely useful both during your two years at an IIM as well as after that. So, it’s a good idea to go through these terms in advance and do some courses online or refer books if you haven’t heard of them before.